Would you rather have a part or whole of something? with things in general, would you want a part or whole of something?

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Well I can think of many things I'd want a whole of (a camera, a TV, a car, say if I was dating someone), but very few things I'd want a part of. But you're obviously going somewhere with this?

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Ah well... I was watching street fighter and I was just thinking about how the girl only had a part of her whole family. Kinda makes me wonder what you're better of with, a part or whole.

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I'd want a whole D: who would only want a part of something??

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Depends on what part of the family you're talking about. I like my parents. Cant stand the rest of the family. So in that case...

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lol, I don't know the rest of my family so yeah, a part of it is good for me :)

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I'd rather a whole anything (the best scenerio)....however, getting just part of something will do me just fine (the regular scenerio)....

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If I had a baby I would like it to be a whole baby. But if I had a cake, I would only like a bit.

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lol... :P

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I'd rather want a part than a whole. I'd get bored if I have everything of something or rather than something of everything.

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im sure i would want a whole of almost everything, except food wise. lol

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