How can i be part of the cool crowd without being fake?

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Why all the concerns with being "cool" or whatever? Just be yourself, that's how you not be fake. Just be yourself and make friends that way, don't concern yourself too much with trying to be "cool".

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just be you and have friends that love you for you, not someone you used to hide you. :)

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Baby Girl Let me tell you something, their is no such thing as the "Cool Crowd" Theirs the crowd that Think their the coolest thing out their and their the sh*t. You need to be your self, you do that and your attract people that actually like you and want to be around you. Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. You can't let other people influnce what you do and who you hang out with. This is way they call us young people so damn native.

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like everyone else had said be yourself. your an original, why would you want to be a copy? there's only one you, so love you and show you. if people don't like it they can go somewhere else(:

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genuinely like the people in the cool crowd for being themselves and not just because they're cool, and get them to like you in return while being genuine to yourself. in short, treat like them you would want to be treated as a friend and not as a meal ticket to popularity.

if you want to hang out with them just to be popular then get ready to be rejected.people know when you are using them and they generally don't like being used.

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dont try to be just chill with people who are interasted in stuff like u

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Don't be in the "cool" crowd or the "popular" crowd because everyone wants to be friends with them but nobody likes them as a person in gereral

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There is no such thing as the cool crowd really like everyone else is telling you "Just be You". I went through High School just being myself and didnt realize i was popular till senior yaer, LOL. Being yourself will allow for you to make Honest friends and gain fake ones. Plus, being something outside of yourself take work(dressing, hanging out, speaking the way they do). Like everyone before me has advised "JUST BE YOURSELF"

Hope I Helped! :-)

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You have to remember that if by being part of that crowd your changing your friends completely ! I know this might sound corny ...But be true to yourself, too many people want to fit in, hang out with your true friends and stand out! hope it helps xx

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Well if you have to be fake to be part of the cool crowd, then your not "cool".

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well just talk to part of the cool crowd im really great friends with a girl in their and im quite un popular but.. im not fake cause im myself...

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