How do I convince my parents to let me go to america?

My parents are getting really edgy bout the fact that I want to move to America, I’m nearly 19, they keep asking why America, and I’ve grown up knowing a lot of Americans, and I think America as a country is an amazin place and sure I may not agree with the government at times, but they cant seem to understand why I’m so desperate to go there, Everything I heard about America growing up was how great it was, How can I convince them to let me go

Answer #1

Determine what your dreams are / what’s in your best interests - visits back and forth are not impossible…whatever you decide, I wish you every happiness !!

Answer #2

just so you know… I LIVE HERE!!! I live in the northeast region between boston and new york so I know a lot about the cities here… First, DON’T live in the suburbs! I’ve lived in the suburbs and in L.A., New York City, and now the Boston suburbs. And compared to the cities the suburbs are terrible! You’re so far away from everything! The cities aren’t much better though, they’re just really a morecompact suburbs. The people are mean, and ignorant as with most americans. You do not want to come here! I regret simply being born here! The people are gullible and they believe anything that you tell them. The cities are dirty, suburbs are dull, the government is seriously corrupt, and last the american population is seriously overworked. However if you want to move to an english speaking country go to either the United Kingdom, or Australia. They’re both quite beautiful and much better in terms of quality of life and the economy in those places is also much better… I’m ashamed to be American.

Answer #3

America is a wonderful place to live where morons can say absolutely anything degrading they want about there country and not get in trouble for it. America is still the most awesome country in this world and the most powerful and I am so blessed to live here and welcome you here if that is your dream. I will never understand why people want to criticize there own country- if you don’t like it “funadvise” we’d be more than happy for you to move.

Answer #4

Thats such a big step. Going from living at home with your parents, to living in a whole other country seems like a bit much. Maybe you should take smaller steps, and maybe move out but stay in your own town for a while. Moving out is a lot of new responsibilities and it would be nice to have your parents near the first time you move out in case you need something. If you take that huge step moving to America right away, your parents wont be able to help you out. I’m also almost 19-years-old and I’m not even ready to move out at all, let alone to a whole other country. Think about it…

Answer #5

trust me, you dont want to go to america, this place is polluted inside and out. if you dont believe me, go ahead and try, but take it from someone who knows.

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