Why is Paramore breaking up?

Okay, so I really like paramore! And their breaking up [ I absolutely hate it] They say they are having some trouble with the members, does anyone no what the trouble is?

Also I have another question. Did paramore get in trouble bakc in the day when they weren’t actually famous? My friend was telling me all these stories but I don’t no if their true.

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tyre breaking up wha…wha…what!? why dont you just rip out my heart and rip it to shreds wahhh

atleast I still have my chemical romance! btw josh farro is really hot!!!

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Hayley Williams is quickly realizing the power of the written word — or at least the power of the vaguely worded blog post.

On Friday (February 22), less than 24 hours after a post she wrote on Paramore’s Web site inadvertently started a cavalcade of rather nasty breakup rumors, Williams took to the blog once again, this time hoping to clear up all confusion about the state of her band.

“Since we posted the last entry, we’ve gotten tons of phone calls and people posting things on Web sites saying that we are breaking up. I just want to make it clear, though … we weren’t saying the band was over,” she wrote. “We posted because we are going through hard times and we felt that because we have a really good support system in you guys, our fans, it would be better for us to just be honest about what’s going on — even though it was a pretty vague explanation.”

She’s not kidding, either. Williams’ post — and the rather vague mentions of “internal issues” contained within — was picked up by nearly every Paramore fan site and celeb-gossip spot across the Net, causing a panic among fans and kicking up some particularly insane rumors in the process, including one that the feisty frontwoman was breaking up the band because she was pregnant. All of this made for a rather colossal headache for Williams, who claims she was just trying to be honest with the band’s fanbase about why Paramore cancelled their European tour. (Note to Hayley: This is the Internet. Vagueness + honesty = danger!)

“Man, some of the rumors that I’ve heard going around are insane! It’s weird how out of hand things can get even when you just try to tell a simple truth (for the record, my Eggo is not preggo),” Williams wrote. “Anyway, we just need to take time to make this band the best it can be … and we are doing that now.”

Thursday, when contacted by MTV News for comment on Paramore’s status, a spokesperson for their label, Atlantic Records, would only offer that they’re scheduled to shoot a video for the song “That’s What You Get” in Nashville on March 2-3, and then will embark on a co-headlining tour with Jimmy Eat World in April. And in that spirit, Williams ended her latest blog post with a scheduling reminder of her own — mainly that fans can count on seeing Paramore take the stage March 27 at the Hard Rock in Orlando.

“Thanks for all the love and the encouragement you guys have shown,” she wrote. “And WE WILL! be seeing you guys on the 27th of March in Orlando, FL.”

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OMG YAY! when I saw this I almost CRIED! then I started reading the comments and stuff and I was like OMG THIS ISNT HAPPENING! but then when I reached this comment above mine I literally SCREAMED with joy lol THANK FREAKING GOD THEYRE NOT BREAKING UP!! I LOVE THEM TOO MUCH!! :] xxox-ilove youu ! <3 [ J e s s e are z ‘ ]

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ok so I just heard bout it!! SO SO SO SO SO SAD!! I LOVE THEM!!! I really don’t know why there breaking up, just because diffenculty together!

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I KNOW! I love Paramore too!!! I was sooo sad when I found out they were breaking up. But if Haley went single that would be pretty cool, I would buy her cds. Hmm…I don’t know what the trouble is it must be something bad if it is breaking them up. +No they didn’t get in trouble when they weren’t famous. Not that I know of…

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Paramore breaking up is proably just a rumor because in Hollywood there are a lot of rumors and sometimes they’re true or sometimes they’re false but mostly false.

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there not breaking up, it’s a rumor

Answer #8

calm down they werent the beatles lol joke thats cool…

Answer #9

Haha! Yeah I was so happy I almost cried to! Lol man I’m just happy their not breaking up though! Yay! Thank ya :)

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Wha… wha… wha… whaaat!?!?!? Nooo!!!

falls over, then dies

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Thank god their not breaking up! I’m going to see them next week! =DDD Yeee Hawww !!!

Answer #12

OMG, your kidding me? they are breaking up???!!! faints

Answer #13

the’re not breakng up its just a stupid rumer

Answer #14

no their not breaking up but here was a rumor of hayley(band singer) bieng pregnant

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