Pantomime ideas?

I need to do a pantomime for drama on monday and I have no ideas what to do
I also need to use music that doesnt have any words but yodeling and different languages are okay

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Jackie's Last Dance from Andrew Lippa's Wild Party (instrumental) - It's a sad orchastration.

(an idea for a mime for this song would be a failed tight rope attempt.

Act it out - remember you have no props so you have to indicate what you are doing by "reacting" to the invisible environment around you... come out looking anxiously up at the rope, walk over to the ladder and climb it... look down nervously... get your balance pole... take deep breathes...take your time making the first step... almost lose your balance and regain control, go a while then "fall".

Curl into a ball in agony at the end.

When the music pulsates at the end, look up with your eyes closed. each pulse, open, then close them... to end with your eyes eerily open on the last pulse.)

Pretty much anything from Cirque D'Soliel would be good.


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I had to do that for drama
I did feeding a baby reacted like the baby threw the bottle at me
and spitting up and I had to burb it
every one loved when it threw food in my face
I did really fun fast pace music
got an a hope it helps

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Lots of examples / ideas:

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