Do we really get paide to give advice etc????

And whats google adsense for??

Answer #1

The points you earn are worth money and you can cash them out and either get a check sent to you or use paypal. I just cashed my 2,700 points for $270…it says it takes up to 14 days to recieve the money.

Answer #2

#22 of the FAQ explains the cash-for-points system: Google Adsense is a Google application that pays you for clicks on ads that are on your site…here, it is only relevant to any How To’s you have posted.

Answer #3

I guess it all depends.. Personally I am not here to get paid to help others…I do it from the bottom of my heart because I want to help. (just my 2 cents)

Answer #4

I dont even think Im old enough to make a paypal account, would they send the cheque to England? lol

Answer #5

but will i really need it to cash my points? and will it be better if i do just get it?

Answer #6

i didnt know we could get paid till like 4 minutes ago. i like helping others, but right now i can really use the money..

Answer #7

i have a paypal account but i rather get a check sent to me, how do i do that?

Answer #8

It’s completely up to you

Answer #9

You don’t need a Google Adsense account to cash in your points. All you need is a paypal account, or a mailing address, so they can either send you a check in the mail…or send it through paypal.! :)

Answer #10

Yes..just make sure your mailing address is correct

Answer #11

ohhhh, thats exciting lol

Answer #12

Please dont be offended…I hear what your saying…I am not judging you or anyone else for that matter.

I think we all could use the money in this economy, (including me) but I think I am going to pass on mine. I am really here to help not collect by helping others. My heart just wouldnt feel right in doing so…I f I really wanted to collect by giving people advice I would get a job in some advice column or something. I am just here to have a good time, a few laughs & helps those that really need a shoulder to lean/cry on from time to time. (just me I guess)

Answer #13

oh okayy. And where do I put my mailing address??

Answer #14

You can always give your points to people who you think need it more…that way you’re still doing a good thing for someone else.

Answer #15

You go to your profile, click on my points (under where it shows how many points you have)…and it will take you to a page where you can enter your mailing address. :)

Answer #16

Under “My settings” on your profile page…scroll down the page until you see it

Answer #17

Can I just pass it to you so you can give it to whom ever needs it?! I think that would be more reasonable and fair!?

Answer #18

oh lol ok thanks ill look for it.

Answer #19

Dont worry i totally understand and i dont get offended easily. And i think thats great from your part. i like people like you (:

Answer #20

my address wont show to the world though right?? lol

Answer #21

Nope, it’s only for you, and the Admins to see so they can mail it to you. :)

Answer #22

i am from they sent there?

Answer #23

wow so the points u get on here you can have cashed?

Answer #24

Yay Mandy! :D

Answer #25

oh btw mandy, where do i go to get my cash? like what do i click. i already put my mailing adress.

Answer #26

Click on “my points” (located on your profile page, under how many points you have), then you click “submit” if your address is in the box.

Answer #27

Actually it’s the “request funds” button, it doesn’t say submit… :P

Answer #28

ohh cool. thanks Angel.

Answer #29

well i just did that and nowhere it said i could request my funds? and i have my address in already… im not trying to get them know the cash, but i want to know just in case for later on ….

Answer #30

awe, thanks…I glad you can appreciate what I mean…maybe sweet colleen can fig what to do with mine to help.

No matter how hard my situation is, and trust me it is…I just couldnt do it…its just not me…Even though I was taught that if someone offered you something, then you should take it…but I raised myself in a different way…I guess for me it is more pleasurable to give then to ever rcv…what I mean is it is much more easier for me to give then to ask or rcv anything from anyone. oh well :) Perhaps someday someone will shine a light down on me…:)

Answer #31

You need to have at least $150 points available.

Answer #32

Cash is completely optional @temptress, you can take it, leave it to accumulate, or give your points to someone else.

The vast majority of users (like yourself) don’t actually do anything with their points. Here’s an idea… later we are doing a charity thing as well, so FunAdvice users can donate their points to charity. When we get that going you can actually jump on that bandwagon.

That way you know your good deeds are helping out some starving child. Or, maybe you just don’t want to.

Answer #33

@raybesayr, probably not at the moment, but we will see.

Answer #34

oh I see. Cool . I’m gonna save up then do it later. (:

Answer #35

@angie lutz, its better to use paypal. That way you get paid faster.

Answer #36

I know a lot of ppl like u temptress its cool (: . <3

Answer #37

has any one of u ever got it??

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