Over the counter drugs for my dog?

What over the counter drugs are good or bad, and can I give my dog pepto bismal for an upset tummy

Answer #1

Is your dog puking yeller stuff? if it is that means it needs to eat .its stomach is producing too much acid and it has an empty stomach.

Answer #2

no human medicine is terrible for animals it can kill them just take him to the vet and the vet will give him proper madicine

Answer #3

I think you should call a vet before doing something like that. Dogs have very different digestive systems from humans. How do you know he has an upset tummy?

Answer #4

Pepto Bismol won’t hurt your pup…the trick is to get them to take it, without you and the dog wearing most of it…So…skip the Pepto, and use Immodium…it comes in a tiny little gel cap, and easy to give the dog…it’s also SAFE for dogs. Never give more pills in a day than it says on the box. They will make your dog a little sleepy, but they also calm his stomach and gut.

Don’t try to feed regular dog food to him…boil some rice with a little hamberger in it (or chicken), and offer it several times during the day…this is considered a “bland diet”…if you dog doesn’t start getting better in 2 or 3 days, go to the vet, and they will give you Flagyl…another human medicine, but one that needs a prescription.


Answer #5

No, animals can’t be given all human drugs, you should call the vet…

Answer #6

I had an Irish Setter that got gas really bad and the vet (one of the best in the Detroit Metro area) told me to give him Pepto so yes on that as far as aspirin, NO, NO, NO!!! Anything else, I’m not sure about.

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