What do you think of this outfit?

This shirt: http://funadvice.com/r/16e5qdaam91. with a black beanie, black skinny jeans, black jacket, and converse high tops or vans.

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I personally like! it is quite a black combination but i tend to dress like that too... black looks good on just about anyone too :) what colour converse high tops or vans are you considering with this outfit?... this is a very much suitable outfit, truely :)

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too much black, i'd say normal jeans, vans, and a diff. jacket

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and the beanie

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That's a cute top. But black with black and more black is boring. I personally dislike black shirts with black pants... Add a pop of color somewhere to brighten up the outfit a little.

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I would pimp you harder than Eazy E would. That's for sure.

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dammmm dose pants be givng a nice ass camel toe babey

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A lot of black, is the mainstream love, distinct characteristics

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too much black, but yea cool stuff

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Its cute.

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its cute.
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