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I have worked on getting a loan from USDA to by a house, found a house, did all the paper work, and they tell me my credit was not good enough. I then went thru HUD , did the same as I did with USDA, and the house is next door to were I live now, and has been empty going on 3 years. Many bids and no buyers. But I want it..HUD tells me my credit is to good??? I even took the required home buying coarse.. I live in and own my own Mobile home, and an acre of land. You would think that would help , I just don’t know, now I guess trying for a loan to fix up what I have, will probably twist the knife that is still in my back. Kinda feel that way.. Not mad, just really confused about why our goverment won’t help me, but they will, well you know what I meen… :) Thank you for listening. missy

Answer #1

I don’t understand. Why can’t you use the land and property you own at a bank to get a loan for the house you want? Why go through the government?

Answer #2

Well, maybe if you go to the home owners and see if they will work with you. Since no one else is jumping on it, maybe they would consider a land contract with you ? It may be the only way to go from here.

Answer #3

The house is empty. Hud has been auctioning it of for a couple of years now.The land goes with it. That is why I don’t understand them not doing this for me? Don’t get me wrong, I am still trying all options. Calling and emailing any one I can think of. Cathy

Answer #4

I’m not sure that you will get this reply, I am new here. Thank you for asking. Banks won’t loan for mobile homes at all. USDA sell homes and won’t take yours as payment, and you can’t have owned a home for more than 2 years, just all kinds of reasons they couldn’t help. I am retired & on limited income. But I really thought my home and land would have been good enough coladeral? Especially when it seems no one else wants the house I am refering to. BTW I worked for a good 2 years on getting the house in this picture, even bought 2 tax certificates, 25.00 a piece. Cathy

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