OTH Discharge job opportunities?

Im a young guy who wondering a very important question, im getting a oth discharge really soon and was wondering of some job oppurtunities that people with this type of discharge can do? Anything would be helpful. I live next to Sac, CA so local would be awesome. Any answers at all would help. Thank you.

Answer #1


Someone asked a similar question to a resume analyst, who said:

A service member’s type of discharge is usually carried with him or her for life. Employers will often look unfavorably on those who have received so much as a general discharge, especially if it was under other than honorable conditions. Some states, however, prohibit discrimination based on military discharge. Such laws do not prohibit denial of a job due to a criminal conviction, which accompanies punitive separations. You should really check with your own state to determine eligibility.

Keep in mind that companies that hold government contracts often require their employees to be eligibile for various degrees of security clearance. You may or may not be qualified to receive a clearance level due to an other than honorable discharge.

Furthermore, with the tough competition for all government positions, you may find it very difficult to secure any government position with a dishonorable discharge. You might find it is easier to look for employment within the private sector, where you are not required to include your military service discharge information on your resume. Keep in mind that a federal application requires that you disclose your military background and discharge conditions and of course, it is an offense to lie on a federal employment application.

Less than honorable discharges can also be stigmatizing in civilian life, particularly leading to discrimination in employment. Government and large corporate employers routinely ask job applicants for their military discharge status; some even ask to see military discharge papers. However, there are also many employers who do not care about military discharge status. Even where employers ask for military service, sometimes it is mainly for statistical purposes of the number of veterans hired.

I hope this information was helpful. Good luck with your job search!

Answer #2

My best friend has an OTH discharge. She was able to get a few job offers from retail companies. I know that Starbucks doesn’t discriminate based on your discharge status (That’s where she works now!). There are many other companies that are the same way, and it will usually say so on their applications. Also, try working for a small company. It’s very expensive to get a background check, and most small businesses won’t bother if you ace the interview.

Good Luck to you! :)

Answer #3

All of this information is accurate. There is no reason in the world why someone, who fought hard and long for our country, should be disrciminated for a backwoods, good-ole-boy severity scale devised by peope who “do no wrong”. I am recieving a OTH and have communicated with numerous corporations and have found out things that NEED to be said. As long as the job you are seeking is not FEDERAL or FEDERALLY contracted, there should be no problem with them accepting a person with an OTH or below. Most employers will be thrilled to have a former service member just because of the training and discipline alone!

Good luck and Gods bless to all of OUR SOLDIERS, SAILORS, MARINES AND AIRMEN!!!

Answer #4

The EEOC has concluded that basing hiring decisions solely on military discharge status violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. §§ 2000e et seq.,

See EEOC Dec. 74-25, 10 FEP 260, 265 (1973) (2.6 percent of whites and 5.2 percent of African-Americans receive undesirable discharges); accordDozier vs. Chupka, 395 F. Supp. 836, 850-51 (S.D. Ohio 1975) (bonus points for honorable discharges invalidated).

Therefore, the “discharge” question should be asked with extreme caution and only when the information sought is directly relevant to a necessary characteristic for the desired job.

Further, to be safe, such inquires should be accompanied by a statement that a dishonorable discharge is not, in and of itself, an absolute bar to employment, and other factors will be taken into consideration when making the final hiring decision.

Especially under the “W” pentagon, some crazy right wingers have kicked people our based on no evidence and pretty nonsensical reasoning that has no carry-over to the civilian world, and in fact would likely be illegal to fire someone for in the civilian world. Little weight should be given to general or other discharges in light of the nonsense from the last administration politicizing the military heavily in the past eight years.

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