Organizing the basement

My mom and I are planning to clean and organize the beasement next week( march break)… And I really donno where to start or how to organize it and was wondering if anyone has any good ideas?

Answer #1
  1. First get some boxes that can stack.
  2. Get a marker and sealing tape- for labeling boxes you want to seal and store.
  3. Then get large garbage bags.
  4. Start with one corner or area first. – Follow this rule: categorize, eliminate, delegate.
    – Label three large boxes or bags, KEEP/categorize, GIVE AWAY/delegate, THROW/eliminate. (Plan what you are going to do with the throw/elim group–to the dumpster? to a women’s shelter or safehouse? to consignment store? to storage? )
  5. Put on some great music, like Huey Lewis and the News, something with a groove or and feel-good-beat to it.
    – Nothing like “I’m Walkin’ on Sunshine” to get you feeling great and digging into the task at hand. It will keep you going and get you ‘jazzed’.
    –If you are doing sorting/paperwork type put on a different kind of music and entrain the brain, something like classical guitar or Bach, with no vocals nor beat, rather it ‘creates order’. I’ve done a lot of study over the years about using music to direct mental and physical states, in this case to help one accomplish dreaded tasks. I cleaned the whole house today with 80’s rock and roll :-).
    – And keep hydrated with water at hand and some healthy snacks. You’ll have fun. — And plan a garage sale with your unwanted items. You’d be surprised what treasures others will pay for that you consider junk. Wow! Imagine your great orderly basement! Is there room now for a great photography studio or workout place or just a neat getaway place?
Answer #2

Create an area outside (or in the basement) and have three sections. Label them 1) Trash 2) Sell/Donate 3) Keep. As you begin to sort through the items, put everything in one of those piles. Once that is done, buy large bins, Sharpie markers and tape. Place items in bin (for example, old toys in one, etc.) Label the bins with the markers. If you have any other questions, funmail me. This can be a total blast.

Answer #3

take evrything out and do sections at a time

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