Why are l'oreal ads in a magazine good ads?

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okay well firstly coz they are there to advertise ansd they achive this purpose, they are to inform ppl about the product and to SELL SELL SELL! to amke a large profit by putting these in magazines its becoming more widely known (teh product) and therefro will be brought alot more and thsi will increase profits
also coz it depedns on teh type of magazinen but they are usualy in womens magazine and this is teh target audience

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They are good ads because they target many of the insecurities women have. They have pictures of beautiful women that most women strive to become. It sends forth the subliminal message that "if you use our product, you will become this attractive". As well, women are more prone to spend on beauty products and those advertisements target women.

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They aim at the right market depending on what magazine you are reading. If it's a teens mag, the ad will have hot teens in a convertible or at the beach, which is what teens dream of (generally). If it's a women's mag, it will have a sexy woman walking down a high fashion street, or at her high-powered job. If it's in more of a mumsie mag, it will have a woman holding her baby, playing with her toddler, or on the phone while doing housework- still somehow managing to look sexy and flawless. They just turn the magazine audience's dream into reality- doing whatever you do, but looking fabulous.

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