How much fiber does orange juice have in it?

Can someone tell me how much fiber does orange juice have in it?

Answer #1

Regular oj has no fiber. Tropicana with added fiber has 3gms of fiber per 8oz serving. The best way to get fiber fro oj, is fresh juiced oj, or the ojs that include pulp, and the amounts vary from each different manufacturer.

AllBran cereal 1/2 cup 10-13 Psyllium husks 2 tbsp. (1 ounce) 16 Wheat bran 1/4 cup 7 High fiber cereals 1 ounce (1/2 cup) 10-14 Flax meal 1/4 cup 8 Apple (with skin) 1 medium 3.5 Oat bran 1/4 cup 4 Prunes 3 medium 3 Kidney beans 1/2 cup 7.3 Lima beans 1/2 cup 4.5 Navy beans 1/2 cup 6 Lentils (such as in soup) 1/2 cup 3.7 Peas 1/2 cup 3.6 Spaghetti (whole wheat) 1 cup 3.9 Apricots (dried) 5 halves 1.4 Banana 1 medium 2.4 Blueberries 1/2 cup 2.0 Grapefruit (with membrane) half 1.6 Pear 1 medium 3.2 Bread (whole wheat) 1 slice 1.4 Figs (dried) 3 medium 5.3 Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) 1/2 cup 7 Potatoes (with skin) 1 medium 2.5 Broccoli 1/2 cup 2.3 Sweet potato 1/2 cup 3 Orange (with membrane) 1 2.6 Spinach 1/2 cup 2.1 Pita bread (whole wheat) 1 piece 5 Corn 1 ear 5 Barley 1/2 cup 8

Best sources of soluble fiber are:

oat bran kidney beans lentils sweet potatoes oranges broccoli pears apples barley peas Best sources of insoluble fiber are:

wheat bran legumes skin of fruit seeds and nuts: sunflower seeds, soybean nuts, almonds Back to topTEN EASY WAYS TO BOOST YOUR DAILY FIBER

  1. Consume whole fruits and vegetables instead of juice. The peels on apples and the white pith on oranges are rich sources of fiber, as are potato skins.

  2. Cut back on refined foods. “Enriched flour” means the product was originally impoverished. In many refined foods, the fiber-containing parts have been removed.

  3. Try a daily yogurt smoothie (See School-ade) made in the blender with a couple handfuls of fresh fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, papaya, blueberries, and pears. Blend in a heaping tablespoon of psyllium husks. Drink it quickly before it gels.

  4. Snack on dried fruits, such as apricots, figs, prunes, and raisins.

  5. Use whole grains instead of white. White bread and white rice have had the fiber processed out of them. (This is why white bread and white rice have a reputation for being constipating.) Instead use whole grains: bread made with whole wheat flour, whole grain cereals that contain wheat bran or oat bran, whole grain cornmeal, wheat germ, and barley. Instead of white rice, use brown or wild rice.

  6. Be a bean freak. Nearly all varieties of beans are a rich source of fiber, especially kidney beans, which can be served in many forms, such as in salads, soups, bean burritos, or chili.

  7. Dip it. A chickpea dip (I.e. hummus) is nutritious and fiber-rich.

  8. Choose a high-fiber cereal. If you find that high-fiber cereals are not the most palatable, try mixing a couple of tablespoons of All-Bran or psyllium husks with your favorite cereal to boost the fiber content. Add lots of milk, rice beverage, or juice and enjoy.

  9. Choose your lettuce wisely. Iceberg lettuce is useless as a source of fiber and any other nutrients. Spinach and romaine lettuce are healthier choices.

  10. Fresh fruits have more fiber than canned fruits because much of the fiber is in the peel, which is usually removed in processing.

Simply emphasizing grains, fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet will automatically get you enough fiber. A diet that revolves around meat, eggs, and dairy products will not contain enough fiber.

Soluable fiber is fiber that can easily dissolve in water. Insoluable fiber is just that, insoluable - this fiber tends to absorb water.

Fiber helps to reduce absorbtion of sugars and fats. That is why whole grains is so much better for diabetics, and those trying to loose weight.

Answer #2

It depends if it is just juice or juice with pulp. Better to drink juice with pulp. Do not know exact amount - depends on the orange :)

Answer #3

I’ve got a 1 litre here and it says NIL (yes its in caps) fibre

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