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Ahhh stupid me, I know, but I bleached my hair cause well I dont trust hair dressers anymore, for many reasons lol, but my hair is orange...what can I put in it that will actually shampoos or anything like that, I just want it a darker color and now lol , please help!!! Something in browns I'm aiming for, I bleached my hair it was black and I wanted a nice brown...what dye product and color can I use please !!! Thanks in advance everyone :(

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If your hair is naturally black then the reason it turned orange is because the bleach you used wasn't strong enough to completely remove the pigment...if you research hair dying they'll tell you that there is a outter layer of color and and under layer. I forget exactly why but when you bleach black hair, orange is one of the steps to being purely white or platinum. they also say that when you're bleaching black hair to not freak out if your hair turns orange while the bleach is in and wash it out, but rather leave it in because the bleach has reached the orange pigment in the hair and needs to stay in longer to get as close to platinum as it can. also like I said if the bleach is not strong enough it will only get you to orange. the recommended way to get naturally black or dark color hair to platinum is to use vol 40 peroxide and powder hair bleach mixes. Manic Panic and Jerome Russell both carry these products. And if your hair was died black then you were supposed to use dye remover I believe and then go from there. anyways a little researching should get you all the full details I found a step by step website once but unfortunately don't remember the link. hope this helps :]

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just go to a good hair dresser and get it fixed because it wont take long and it will probably look better then doing it yourself

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if you have naturally dark hair then orange is the natural pigment under your hair
and with the first bleach or frist few bleaches, it will turn orange
thats why its best to get your hair bleached profesionally
as bleach ruins your hairs strength, health and shine
a brown dye will cover it, so will a black one
so get out and buy some hair dye
just make sure you dont plan to put a bright colour in like blue
because blue and orange/yellow makes green
so if you were to die it blue it would go green

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oh and you should wait around 36 hours between bleaching to avoid frying your hair. its best to use good hair conditioners a few days before you bleaching to help strengthen you hair and get it ready for the harsh bleach. and the same goes for if you do happen to fry your hair, use a deep conditioner often, because it will take a lot to restore it.

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