Should I drop out of school to work and get my GED later, or struggle through school now?

WELL Im going throught alot of drama right now. Im in a foster home going through a lot of crap with my mom, but thats a whole nother story. Im really starting to slip in school and i have one of two options. I can drop out of school, work every day until im 18 (2 years) then use that money to support myself on my own for a time, and get a GED if i every need one (Probably will) OR i could just stay in school, and get a crappy part time job, getting hardley any money, probabley not even a fourth of what i would get if i dropped out, and just go from there. I KNOW school is important but being excluded from the popular kids there makes it that much harder. Dont awnser whats the right thing to do awnser what you think what would be best. And i dont wanna hear a word of college i would like to, but me or anybody around me doesnt have that kind of money for that…Thanks a bunch

Answer #1

I say forget the ‘popular’ kids. Get through school. Get an AMAZING job. then laugh as the ‘popular’ kids mop your marble tile floors. You don’t need their approval. They’re just the idiots who know they are idiots and want to make people think they aren’t. Don’t let them hurt you, laugh at them. Pity them. You are a logical thinker (as seen in question), so you can basically do anything with a diploma. Get the diploma and years later you will be surprized at how significant you are and how insignificant they are.

Answer #2

If you’re currently in foster care, your college is paid for. At least that’s how it in here in Hawaii. Ask CPS in your state, you should get a lot of benefits and financial aid for college. It’s best to stay in school because it’s a lot harder to go back a few years later and try to get your GED. If you get a job with a high school diploma, you’ll make more money in the end than if you get a job without one. “popular kids” shouldn’t be a concern. They seem like such a big deal, but they really aren’t. In reality, they’ll be around for a couple more years then you’ll probably never see them again. Talk things out with a close friend, counselor, or a trusted adult if you ever feel stuck. Find something that you love to do, whether it be painting or sports or whatever. Just find a positive outlet that lets you release your emotions. It will help you get you through whatever it is that you’re going through. I wish you luck!

Answer #3

Being excluded by the “popular people” is no reason at all to stop studying. In a few years you will see how stupid it was to even be concerned about that. I can understand how it can be hard being lonely, I had no friends throughout highschool and elementary and even now I have at most two or three friends. But see, if you stopped being focused on being popular or not you can get yourself a great life. You can find REAL friends who care about you, they might not be popular but they will be your friends. You can continue studying, and then find an amazing job for yourself. Truth is, most the times the partiers, and the people who look like they’re having so much more fun than you, in the future, they have a harder life. So continue school, don’t drop out, you will regret it later on. And it’s fine to have these feelings but find some way to deal with them, talk to someone write a journal, whatever it is that helps yourself. If you do want to talk, you can always funmail me.

Answer #4

I’d say push through school. I hate school but if you get it done, then everyone is happy. You can find a job to work with your hours, do your homework on breaks. Good luck!

Answer #5

I believe GED’s get upgraded every so many years. Each time they do they become harder and the scoring requirements higher. It is much easier to acquire a H/S diploma then it will be getting your GED. Also in todays job market employers will readily higher a student over a drop out. Also, many companies out there are willing to pay for or help pay their employees for continued education. I know people who acquired Masters Degrees and paid nothing because the company they worked for paid for it. Also if your in school, your the first in line for promotions as that’s how companies tend to focus. I guess the question is do you want to struggle through now, short term…..or face the strong possability you will be struggling for years to come, later? The popular people you want to be around now, is going to change as you get older and the popular people then will likely be those with careers that own those nice cars, and lifestyles your going to want to be a part of, only you may not be able to afford it.

Answer #6

Im not a little 10 year old and not stupid enough to drop out just because of ‘popular kids’, thats not the reason at all- Just f*cking saying -_-

Answer #7

No need to be so rude. Reread what YOU wrote, maybe you didn’t mean that but that’s exactly what it reads.

Answer #8

Im really starting to slip in school. I just added that being excluded only makes it more harder then it is, didnt mean the excluders was everything, as I put it

Answer #9

Finish up school.

Answer #10

you should deff struggle through school now to just get it over with , because in the long run you will look back and most likely regret dropping out and having to finish it later and it will worse because by that time your much older, will have bills, a car, apt./house, ect. you won’t have much time to go back to school. It may seem like it sucks now, but you will be thankthat you finished at a young age.

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