Should i go to an optician before i use cosmetic contacts?

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no you dont need to

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If you're worried then go for it, they might be able to give you some advice on them (it's easier to be told in person). But you don't actually need to

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You dont have to, but dont just buy the cheap brands. Go to a website that sells contacts for vision correction - they usually sell coloured contacts as well, and you can get them without vision correction. The brands are much better and far less likely to cause problems with your eyes

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I don't need them for vision correction. It's just a vanity thing. Thanks though! =)

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If you read her answer properly you'll see that she said companies that sell them for vision correction have better quality lenses and you can buy the ones purely for vanity purposes..

My contacts scratched my eye :( booo. lol
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Oh, you're right.

Maybe I DO need vision correction after all lol
Thanks =)

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