Why i dont believe in Oprah?

why i dont believe in Oprah talking in her show about economic diet, when she is already rich.she doesnt know about that. What do you think?

Answer #1

Let me get this straight. Your reasoning is that someone must experience something to know about it? So doctors who give medical advice must have experienced all the diseases in the world? Or psychologists who work with clients must have experienced every mental disorder there is? Also, you do know Oprah wasnt born rich? She actually had a very poor upbringing.

Answer #2

Oprah is a wiz at business…..a true rags to riches story….she didn’t get rich talking to people on her show, she got rich from her business savvy. I can understand tho, that “ecnomic diets” suggested by people who don’t have to adhere to any diet, at least in their personal lives….might get your goat.

Answer #3

“a true rags to riches story” Wrong son. She’s more business savvy than you think. That’s all one big fabrication. She’s an entertainer. That’s what they do. Its just acting. Why don’t you read the bio if you think she’s so inspirational?

Answer #4

Yes Oprah did have a poor upbringing, went to school & got her degree as a news reporter…and got bashed for it because of her color & her facial looks & until one station actually gave her the time of day she decided to take it full speed ahead! She did every assignment, but dont forget who paid for everything…”the station” and she lived a life of luxury on who’s pocket…”the station” after getting accustomed to living a certain lifestyle she decided to make something of it…have a book written to sell and make millions…she got so popular that it went from news casting to hosting her own show…for whom? “the station” now just thing…every time she moved ahead she had a contract…not you or anyone here knows what what was discussed…but i bet you on anything in the world that for every show she got a percentage of that again who pays for all…”the station does!” not to mention that she probably got raises from here to Timbuktu…and if the station wanted to say no then hell, some other station would pay 2x or more what they were paying her… she met so many people along the way donations here & there…please do not think that none of it came straight to her pocket…because that girl has a mouth & what comes out of there is “what is in it for me…!? Now due to her popularity dont forget she has made a few movies…one \i know of the color purple…who knows how many millions she got to play the roll then how many more millions for the money it made every time it aired and the copies they sold as well…

so….all in all I have to say she got lucky, she was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time…and back then…it wasnt hard to land a good paying job as it is today…they just took ya if you had a degree…today they dont just want a degree…they want experience too…where is someone going to get out of college look for a job in their field with no experience & bam land a good paying job unless daddy owns the business! Different times…that is all I got to say! The one thing I do like, is that now she is fortunate…she has enough of her own to give back…not the things she again receives as donations to get all the stuff she gets from 1000000’s of companies…but like when Katrina hit, she tapped into her own money…for that I give her credit…not just the donation money she got for them! She is by far the most popular talk show host of all time…and you can b!tch about what ever you want but she never runs out of things to say in her show…it’s well written, well produced, well researched…for that I give her staff credit…if others didnt agree, she wouldnt have had this much success throughout all of these years!

Answer #5

Ok. Lets pretend (in your world) that Oprah really wasnt poor. She is a black woman who has managed to become one of the richest women in the world. Whatever your issue is with her, she did not become rich because her daddy handed her an inheritance and then she went and made a s*x video. She’s worked hard, she is smart and business savvy, she does a lot for poorer nations, and she deserves some respect.

Answer #6

I agree to some point…like i said she was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time and using knowledge & people she knew plus her mouth(very important when in business to have a mouth on you!) made a beautiful combination…and there you have it!

Answer #7

She has talent. She had to fight against a major amount of racism and sexism to get where she is. Luck would have been if she’d been born into the Hilton family. She used certain opportunities to her advantage. That’s not luck, that’s being smart.

Answer #8

@ty I didn’t say i had an issue with her. o.O I’m saying maybe you shouldn’t believe everything you see on television. Yes she does good things now. That doesn’t mean she was honest all the way through it. So since i just LOVE repeating myself. If you love her so much pull your head out of her ass long enough to read the biography.

Answer #9

I think I’ll have to agree with your answer more than anyones.. despite a few minor omissions.. I agree she has done great things I also agree that the show is good. was just stating that its just that. A television show.

Answer #10

Aw, I’m sorry, are you upset? I do apologize if I hurt your feelings. I never said she was completely honest. Perhaps you have difficulty reading? I dont like repeating myself either but you know, I do work with kids, so I’ve found that it is often necessary. I said she had talent. I said she had to deal with a major amount of racism and sexism. Is any of that false? I am actually not a huge fan of hers. I find talk shows dull. But I dont see what any of that has to do with the fact that a black woman has made a major success for herself and that should be taken into consideration.

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