What are your opinions on the number of young people deciding they are bisexual all of a sudden?

I’ve noticed in the last 2-3 years, there had been a dramatic increase in the number of kids aged roughly 11-18, deciding they are bisexual. I have no problem with sexuality whatsoever, but it just seems like it’s now a trend, even an attention seeking thing mostly with 12 and 13 year olds. Does anyone else feel like it’s now a fashion statement to be bi?

Answer #1

i dont think they really know if they are or arent just yet because young people dont make strong decisions,and change their mind alot, yes they may have feelings for the same sex but those can go away

Answer #2

Ha nope! I don’t. I think the increase of confusion is linked with the increase of drug use and the increase of social perversion in the media outlets.

Answer #3

Kids are simply more free to explore their options now than ever before. It would be surprising if there were not, as a result, more experimentation before people settle down into a mature sexual identity as they discover who they really are and what works for them.

Answer #4

I think they view as a fashion statement and as a “cool” thing… Mainly I’m whatever about it but for the younger ones with attitude I tell them they don’t know what’s up yet.

Answer #5

I think its more of a phase for most teenagers who are struggling with creating relationships with the same gender or are merely confused and experimental. I have had some female friends who thought they were going to try being “bi” because no guys liked them but when guys started showing them attention the plan was totally discarded. I do think that it is becoming almost a trend, but in my case i just love people regardless of who they are or what they are so i say im bi.

Answer #6

I feel same way, i think its kind of a fashion statement, attention seekers, but i guess some of them really are confused and like both sex

Answer #7

personally i just think they’re confused and are trying to figure out what they want

Answer #8

Probably people are just becoming more accepting and more open about different sexuality’s, ofcourse some people are just saying it because guys find it hot when girls make out with other girls, but I think it’s a real step into a better future that we can all be accepted and open about loving one another, afterall love has no boundaries.

Answer #9

I don’t think this is even something that has been going on for only the last 2 or 3 years, this was going on back in 2004 when I was in highschool and suddenly everyone was ‘bi’. I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing, as with this generation seems to be coming an acceptance of homosexuality, which is due, as people who are homosexual have had a lot of grief in the past for feeling something which, to them, is just natural.

I do think some people do this for attention, but just let them. They will not understand the troubles and confusion that can come from truly feeling that way, but they are paving the way for those who do to be more free and be able to talk and work through these feelings. People who do these things to be ‘on trend’ will soon move onto something else and in later life, people will realise exactly what they are like and they will look back and think how silly they were themselves.

This trend is silly, but there will always be something people do or say to look ‘cool’ and this is one that has been going on a few years now. Today’s media and rolemodels show that sexuality can be more fluid: you don’t have to stick to one thing, so people feel more free to experiment. It is a combination of many things that have lead to this, but I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing as everyone can see this as the trend it really is, and people who are honestly bi, or find out they are gay, can get real benefits from it.

Answer #10

Some people do it because everyone else is doing it, but some people do it because it’s the way they actually are… whether they are attracted to girls, boys, or both, it’s how they are. And they can choose that without any trouble.

Answer #11

I think that it’s not a phase or trend happening. For some people they are confused. Others aren’t confused and just prefer to like both genders. Things aren’t always just this or that, sometimes you can have the best of both worlds. It’s like ice cream you don’t have to just take one scoop you can have 3 of your favorite choices. To some people that’s not an option either you like one or the other. But you like who you like and that’s life. You have choices you make decisions and you live on

Answer #12

I think it’s a new trend for attention-seeking girls. Especially when they go around flirting non-stop with girls and guys, talking about being bi, etc. I’m not saying everyone pretends to be bi, but I strongly believe a majority of them do.

Answer #13

I think its fine, being gay is becoming more accepted so people are starting to try different things…

Answer #14

I think it’s just a phase. Kids at that age will do anything for attention. Plus they have no idea of who they are and if someone says being bi is cool then they will say they are bi. Most will grow up and out of it I think

Answer #15

I would hope its not a trend, Ive been Bi since I was probably 14 (when I accepted it) I told my parents when I was 18. I am now turning 21. I think that people are just finally able to speak there mind and heart.

Answer #16

i think its both a trend and its just heard about more, people dont have to hide anymore so really its the same amount of people feeling what they are feeling, they can be more vocal about it

Another thing that happens (for those that grow out of it) is that the feelings they feel stem from admiration (learned about this in psychology) when a young person isnt actually Bi, the feelings they have for the person is stemming from wanting to BE that person. when I heard this it made sense, I went through a phase where I thought I was Bi, but it was for one girl, and I did grow out of it, and I realized that I really liked her style, the way she carried herself with such condfidence, she was everything I wasnt so I think I liked her for a short time (haha, like 3 weeks) because I really admired her.

For others it is different, they like who they like, they dont discriminate on who they love based on gender, if the One happens to be the same gender why would you give something so great up just because of a small difference (or similarity) ?

Answer #17

Yes. I think it is a trend and it is a fashion statement. I also think that far fewer people are either completely heterosexual or completely homosexual than we think (I mean Kinsey has been saying this for years), and that people are just free to experiment now. And so what. How is freeing of sexual expression a bad thing?

Answer #18

i blame dirty girls in music videos…. but…… i secertly think all girls r bi

Answer #19

ur gonnA BE lesbo at ………….34
i predict

Answer #20

i know, i was just talking to my friends about this. its like almost every says they are bisexual now. nothing wrong with it. its just i wounder if some just say it to say it. idk. i found it interesting to though..

Answer #21

i don’t think its a trend.Some girls may have been hurt so many times by the opposite sex that they turn to females.I’m bisexual and i’ve been that way for some years.It all depends on what a female has been through for them to like both sexes..

Answer #22

i think its just like a clique something to be noticed by a little confused? idk but its kind of weird

Answer #23

i hate this because when more people started commingout about how they were. people started to copy but then u have girls and guys say there bi when there not and if they go out with someone who is really bi then the bi person gets hurt

Answer #24

I do think it’s funny that one point nearly like 95% of people i know were bi or had been or were talking about it

Answer #25

I’ve noticed this as well ever since I got onto the site again. In my view, there are probably two explanations.

  1. Like a lot of people have mentioned, confusion. At the age of 14, 15, 16, you’re in the process of growing up and discovering your own identity - it’s not just sexuality, it applies to religion, political views, meaning in life, socioeconomic belonging (I think it’s also the reason why preteens usually display much less contempt than adults or late teens. That was certainly what happened with me). Being bisexual (ie in between) can be seen as a reflection of that confusion and uncertainty.
  2. (this might be controversial lol) Google “Kinsey scale.” Just like how it’s sometimes hard to classify people as strictly “short” or “tall” - there are many different gradations of height in between - most people are also not exclusively homosexual or heterosexual. I’m guessing that a lot of these girls might have felt just the slightest attraction towards people of their own gender. Couple this with your typical teenage identity crisis and uncertainty and you get girls claiming to be bi. It’ll pass I think, once they turn 17 or 18.
Answer #26

i think its a trend. Just like the popular girls all wear this so it must be cool type deal. a couple cool kids “go bi” and now everyone is “bi”. love who you love, and be who you are. dont follow trends.

Answer #27

Well i have to say that alot of the girls at my school say they are, when in matter of fact they really arent. It may just be a phase of experimentation. I knew i wasa lesbian identified bi-sexual since i was in grade 5 ( 5 years ago), the first time i was with a girl. When i was 10, i was raped, so that may also have helped make my decision for me (mentally i just cant stand being with guys even if i am attracted to them). Being ith a woman is a tottaly diffrent experience then being with a man. With a woman it feels natural, and thats for anyone woman… Even then, if people are saying they are bi-sexual whilst being young,, its best to let them find their own way… not to sterotype them, because we all hate that :)

Answer #28

I am one of the youth and I don’t like people who act nor choose to be bisexual and I find that it is stupid to act like a “t@rd” and say that you are bisexual when you k ow you are not just fit in and I think that people need to grow a back bone and choose who and what you want to by.

Answer #29

It bothers me sometimes when they just look at it as a sexual thing like the people around here. No one actually thinks about it like actually having feelings for someone the same gender. All about if they’d have sex or not. Haha, but I’ve had feelings for another girl, so I guess I consider myself bisexual. I just hate that word lol. I just feel like whatever happens happens and anyone can fall in love with anyone.

Answer #30

sorry nothing new about it really, i suppose with social networking we know more about peoples “status” and sexual preference but same crap has been going on forever…

Answer #31

i think its because they dont want to commit to one sex due to their past experiences. most females turn bisexual or lesbien because they are tired of how the males they were involved with have treated them. it is something i believe most will grow out of when they find a guy that will treat them well

Answer #32

its called being bi-curious

Answer #33

I thin in most cases kids have had sex with both genders and they liked it both ways so they can’t decide if they are Gay(guys choice),Lesbiens(girls choice), or straight. In my sister Kristins defence she was raped last year by a female and she has had sex with a guy so she can’t help being Bisexual. But I think that in a couple years this fad of kids becoming Bisexual will fade away.

Answer #34

Truthfully it’s not something new maybe new at that age but how many times have you heard a person say they experimented in college kids are just doing it earlier. And for some i think it may be a way of hiding from there parents I HAVE A FRIEND HER DAUGHTER ALL THE SUDDEN SAID SHE WAS GAY BUT WAS STILL HANGING OUT WITH ALL THE SAME PEOPLE, MANY OF THEM GUYS THAT SHE HAD ALREADY BEEN WITH EVEN THOUGHT SHE IS ONLY 13, SHE AND HER GIRLFRIEND WOULD HANG OUT BUT SHE WOULD STILL HANG WITH HER EX BOYFRIEND ALONE WHEN I ASKED HER MOM ABOUT IT SHE SAID SHE WASN’T WORRIED BECAUSE HER DAUGHTER WAS GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! but my point was she really or had she and her friend figured out that if they said they were gay there parents wouldn’t worry about the boys they were hanging out with and they could get by with more… she only strengthened my suspiciou when she started seeing a guy again a few weeks later since then she’s had many GF and BF but i still think at least in her case it a cover up

Answer #35

yeah i agree with katherine

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