Which is better in your opinion: Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 and why?

Answer #1

I’m scared to see what kind of flaming shows up on this thread……

But any ways - I prefer the PS3. Probably should state right off the bat I’m a bit of a M$ hater, and haven’t been very fond of the Xbox’s from day one. Well ne ways for actually reasons:

  1. Still put of by the failure rate of the first gen xbox 360. I know M$ says they have fixed all that but its still disconcerting.
  2. PS3 plays Blu-Rays, and is a much more well round “Home Entertainment System” other that just playing games. I use it all the time for streaming shows from my computer onto my projector. To play Blu-Rays on a xbox360 I believe you still need an external drive.
  3. I have a computer + a PS3. I can play just about any game I want to between the two, as most Xbox 360 games I want to play make it to the computer any ways, rest of the games I want either are PS3 exclusive or show up on both PS3 and Xbox360. This is the biggest reason why I don’t feel I need a xbox360.
  4. Many people will argue that the xbox 360 more powerful, but from what I have read, developers are just having trouble using the full potential of the PS3 Cell processor, because its a bit different that what they normally program on. 5)IDK if they have worked on this for the newer Xbox360, but the first several generations you had to either tweak a router to work as a wireless adapter for it or buy an expensive wireless adapter specifically for the 360. PS3 does wireless outa the box.
  5. PS3 online services are free. While they aren’t much, they are still free :P. Only part of it I use is the PSP ad-Hoc party to play games on my PSP via the internet with my friends.
  6. IDk know why much work it is to change out the HDD on a 360, but I know its rather easy on a ps3 and it doesn’t void your warranty.

Hmmm those are the logical reasons I can pull off the top of my head :P.

Answer #2

If you only want to play games then either is good. But if you want a computer, Blu-Ray, Netflix player, Picture editor, Wireless internet in your TV, music player, able to check and play the contents of your PC or laptop on your TV via wireless then get a PS3. Oh and you will still be discovering so many things you can do. And don’t get me started about the PS3 network. You can go there to download games, free game demos, rent thousands of HD movies and TV shows streamed to your TV.

Answer #3

This one is funny.

Answer #4

The PS3 had 3D built in with just a firmware update. Get a 3D TV and the glasses and you are good to go to watch 3D Blu-Ray’s and games.

Answer #5

imo 360 is better multiplayer wise, and ps3 is better single player wise, why you may ask? because for the 360.. if i play the same game thats on the ps3 the connection is better on the 360 , and .. ps3 has better single player games imo : )

Answer #6

I agree. This is just because when you have a 360 you get it to do some hardcore gaming and the 360 gaming community is really passionate about it. While with the PS3 you are more into everything and can get distrated or watch a movie. I own my PS3 now for three years and I only have 3 games but I use my PS3 for other things like one to two hours a day. I have never played multiplayer games on it. I am not much into that.

Answer #7

I prefer ps3 too. Eversince we had Ps3, my kids didn’t mind about xbox anymore. And you will definitely see the difference when your already using it.

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Answer #8

Also with Ps3 accessories it’ll be much enjoyable to use it.

Answer #9

There you go. Now the PS3 have made the Wii obsolete.

Answer #10

I prefer 360 they’re just a lot easier to use in my opinion and twice as many people have one which was proven when the 43 million kills competition took place in the game battlefield 1943 between PS3 owners and Xbox 360 owners.

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