Which is better in your opinion, Windows 7 or Windows Vista, why?

Answer #1

Windows XP :) Yes, I know, it’s not available anymore and it’s nearly 10 years old. However, as somebody who used windows for more than 7 years…both Vista and Windows 7 deviated so much from prior versions that figuring how to print on MS word on windows 7 was impossible for me.

Answer #2

I totally agree! I used to have a desktop with XP, and then I sold it and got a laptop with Vista :| XP was 100 times better.

Answer #3

Lol. I agree, Windows XP was a bit easier. However, I am beginning to get the hang of Windows 7. It’s not that bad. :P

Answer #4

If you HAVE to go for them, go for windows 7. Vista is the most messed up, slowest and most annoying thing on earth. I’m not a fan of windows 7 either. I still prefer XP, because it doesn’t give as much trouble installing and ACTUALLY using programmes.

Answer #5

Between the 2, Windows 7. Its pretty much Vista with most of the bugs worked out and slimmed down. Vista was almost a beta version of Win 7 that they marketed as a final version :P.

Win 7 is a lot different from XP, but it seems they reworked a lot of things from the ground up - hopefully making it more stable.

Answer #6

I have Vista on a couple of laptops and its a serious drag. Both would have been smokin’ fast with XP but they are really draggy with Vista. I recently upgraded my work laptop from XP to 7 and 7 blows the doors off of Vista. I do notice some things are still slower on Win 7 (including writing data to SD cards of all things; you’d think the bottleneck would be elsewhere) but Win 7 is much more responsive than Vista.

The differences between XP and 7 didn’t bother me too much since I never knew XP that well (I’m more of a UNIX/Linux person) and already being exposed to Windows Server 2008 much of Win 7 was familiar.

Answer #7

Windows 7 professional or Ultimate if you can afford it, then Windows XP and last Windows Vista. Windows 7 is what Microsoft finally came out with after fixing all the complains that Vista had. I you play any current or future games and future multimedia applications, Windows 7 has DirectX 11. It is what makes all the games look good basically. There are not a lot of titles out with DirectX 11 but they are coming. Windows XP is not compatible with DirectX 11. Since Microsoft stopped XP support, there will be no updates that can safeguard your data from future attacks. If you have Windows Vista. Stay with it. Go to Microsoft update and download the reccomended updates and you should be ok until Windows 8 is released in late 2012 or early 2013.

Answer #8

I am in love with 7. It’s easy to use, and I like all the features

Answer #9

my opinion is that windows 7 64bit is the best and fastest operating system microsoft made..

im still a fan of me and 98 second edition though.

ive never had any probs with installing anything on win7 and that includes over 12 year old games and no probs with any type of any software at all.

windows 7 is teh king of teh castle. XP is the queen and vist is the village idiot.

Answer #10

vista is the village idiot

Answer #11

Windows 7, 64bit is what I have. I actually like it. I have no problems out of it so far.

Answer #12

Windows XP my computer has it and it’s the best, hasn’t crashed on me yet and it’s been around a year since I got this laptop :)

Answer #13

ive had em both and i wont get all techy on your ass so basicaly, windows 7 is the upgrade of vista and therefore better :)

Answer #14

i use Windows XP

Answer #15

Windows 7 or Windows XP is the best choice for you if compare to Vista. There are just too many graphics and annoying notifications in Vista. Very vulnerable to attacks. I found Win 7 and XP being more secure than Vista and less resource guzzler as well. There was a reason why IBM had to call all its Vista sold systems back and send them back with WinXP.

Answer #16

To be frank, i don’t like either of these as i am using dual booting-windows-98 and windows xp. I feel vista is very problematic as many of my friends have also told me and windows 7 is not as good as we expected to be

Answer #17

Windows as a whole is not the best of OS’s to choose. We have simply got used to it too much. But for your question, Vista is just a too much of everything graphics and protection. Windows 7 and XP are preferred because Win 7 is simply a graphic version of XP with some enhancements to it. So for a better version Win 7 and if not that then Win XP anytime good.

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