What do you think of the jonas bro and hannah montana?

What do you think of the jonas bro and hannah montana

Answer #1

I think the joans brothers are sexy but I think that miley/hannah is cant sing cant act and is going to get pregant soon

Answer #2

The Jonas Brothers are actually growing on me, but I really don’t like Hannah Montana.

Answer #3

I hate how obsessed some girls are with the jonas brothers They need to get the heck over it When I went to the bookstore with my friends to get magazines. All of the teen ones and some not teen had The Jo Bros in them Pathetic As for hannah (miley) She is concited and I dislike her very much

Answer #4

hannah montana is self absorbed and doesnt care about anyone but herself, and the jo bros arent thatt badd I guess. well at least not yet.

Answer #5

well I dont really like hannnah montana, to many obsessions with both groups/singers. To everyone who likes the jonas brothers, soak it up, theier voices are going to change again soon and they are not going to sound the samee.

Answer #6

I used to like the jo bros but im kinda sick of how obsessed everyone is about them…and as for hannah montana I HATE HER!!!

Answer #7

Love Joe

Hate Miley & I Mean Hate!

Answer #8

well becuase if were listening to the radio that we love so much lol and she comes on and ruins it for everybody and we hate her for it, plus her voice is the most irrataing thing I’ve ever heard, when she sings she sounds like a cat being strangled

Answer #9

yea but those msgs and meanings do my head in. So many other artists songs have msgs and meanings to miley’s not the only one and we just dont like her. But we like you crystal lol

Answer #10

there SUCKAS lol but I agree wit ‘’wildcutee14’’ I have to admit some of hannah montana’s music is good but at the same time she not a good role model for kids (like ME lol but idc)

Answer #11

hate them both.

Answer #12

I think nothing of them, there crap.

Answer #13

I cant believe im saying this but I agree with pwincezz irenemarie I hate miley but love the jonas brothers

Answer #14

jo bros are cool but hannah montana is a spoiled,stupid,brat lol.

Answer #15

I heard hannahs getting fired! lol

Answer #16

I don’t like them

Answer #17

Well I guess I can’t argue with that! lol a lot of artists music have meaning I noo I was juss trying tew stick upp for her because I noo how it feels for people tew say they “hate” me with out even knowing mee which I noo sounds dumm because she’s a pop star and she doesnt need ME tew stick upp for her but it still bugs mee…But yeaa I guess your right!

Answer #18

oh, I am right hahahahahahahahahahaha but I no what you mean

Answer #19

yeah we do forever and always lol

Answer #20

for real she does sound like a cat being strangeled I agree

Answer #21

I love the jonas brothers joe is HOT but I hate hannah montana

Answer #22

I love the jo bros and for hannah montana I hate her so much

Answer #23

WoW ^_^ I guess every one juss has there own opinion which is fine byy mee . She actually doesnt sound that bad I like sum of her music because if you listen tew the words it has a lot of meaning and its encouraging for younger kids like her song Make Some Noise! Theses are sum of the lyrics: Dont let anyone tell you that your not strong enough Dont give upp there’s nothing wrong with juss bein your self Thats more then enough Soo cone on and Raise your voice Speak your mind and make sum noise!!

Now I noo her music isn’t the best thing ever made! Actually I only like maybee tew of her songs but she’s really not that bad some of her music has messages and meaning.

Answer #24

Explain tew mee how its possible for people tew state that they HATE miley Cyrus yet they have never ever met her and don’t noo anything about her? I’m juss curious here because I think that’s impossible!!! I dislike her only because of her whole big catastrophy with her “inappeopriate” pix and that whole thing with nick jonas but I don’t go around saying I “hate” her! That’s juss bull sh*t in mii opinion! Its impossible tew hate a celebrity who btw you DONT NOO! Its fine tew dislike what she’s done but Hates a big word and has a lot of meaning tew it! That’s juss mii opinion tho! I like sum of her songs like I miss you and 7 things! And I like the jonas brothers tew actually I REALLY like them especially there song Burnin up! And I’m not ashamed tew say it even tho there’s like tons of people hating on them for NOO FREAKIN REASON!!! Im juss saying!

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