What is your opinion about Limewire being banned?

Answer #1

law is law..

kazaa, winmx etc etc have all suffered the same result.

i take this as a good thing cus we’ll get less ‘ive got a virus’ questions.

Answer #2

It was only a a matter of time. Personally i think it could be a good thing anyways, limewire was full of viruses and was so dangerous for your computer. It crashed two of my laptops in the past.

Answer #3

People should pay for the music. Its a fu*king dollar. I dont see the point in downloading it illegally. Like that women who’s getting charged i dont know how many millions for 24songs. That’s the consequence, now deal with it.

Answer #4

Doesn’t make a very big difference, people will find other ways to obtain what ever they want, Limewire was just one of the hundreds of ways to get stuff. Sure it will stop a few people from downloading music illegally, but the people who really want their free music will find another way. There’s always another way.

Answer #5

I think that is good I mean why would people even mess with that if it gives you all kinds of virisus. Plus what is the problem with paying 99 cents for a song, biggest price is 1.99 does it really hurt that much?

Answer #6

ithink its freaking stupid. and you wanna kno wha the big deal bout paying a doller for each song is? were broke! and we dont have 500 and sothin dollers! and iv had it on ny conputer forever it still runs fast and theres nothing wrong with it. so ya iwas pised bout that!

Answer #7

I agree with it being banned. Imagine you being an artist and putting time and effort into producing a song and then someone just steals your property. Because that is what it is. Illegal is illegal. Everyone does it every now and then, but downloading from limewire all the time isn’t fair to musicians and artists. Also if you don’t have the money, then don’t listen to music. It isn’t a necessity in life.

Answer #8

If I was a musician I wouldnt care about my “property being stolen”. I would be making music for other people’s enjoyment, not solely for profit.

Answer #9

You know how many songs there are out there? Thousands and thousands. Who has that kind of money to throw away on music?

Answer #10

When I was little and we had cassette decks, we would tape songs from the radio and thats was perfectly ok, so I don’t really see the difference.

Answer #11

But for some they have to make profit from it otherwise they have no income. You cannot make music for enjoyment for people and then not get any income from it. Otherwise the brilliant musicians won’t be able to continue producing music.

Answer #12

I’ve never used Limewire to begin with, but I still argue that downloading music isn’t a bad thing. If I didn’t have access to bands online, I would have less than half the music I have now. The CD’s I would be buying aren’t in stores around here, I straight up can’t get them, so I download them. If I want to experiment with a band ans see what they sound like, I’ll grab an album off the internet and see what they’re like. I show my support through going to concerts and wearing t-shirts. If I do find an album I really like in stores, I’ll buy it, it just doesn’t happen often. Besides the fact that I couldn’t really afford to buy that much music, being in university and all. 99 cents a song isn’t that much? Sorry I can’t afford my fifteen thousand dollar music library then.

Answer #13

People don’t realize that with each song that they steal, they’re making the songs more expensive for everyone else. And no one’s just stealing one song, people on Limewire are getting hundreds, even thousands. It’s not fair that the people that follow the rules are penalized. The musicians expect to make a certain amount of money, and they’ll still make that amount, but by taking more from the people that are willing to pay for what they are given.

Answer #14

If you consider it thrown away on the music you have, then I’d ask you to consider the thousands of dollars more you’d be paying if you were found out. I just don’t think it’s worth it. Pandora exists, as does the radio. I know some tastes aren’t covered by radio stations, but most are. Yes, there are millions and billions of songs out there. You don’t have to have them all.

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