What do you say about the opinion that America's economy is being controlled by Israel?

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Israel receives roughly $3 billion dollars in US foreign aid at the beginning of each fiscal year. This is 1/5 of the total foreign aid budget. Israel has received more foreign aid from the US than any other country… about $140 billion since its statehood began. How much of this largesse makes its way back into private congressional economic portfolios is only a wild guess… but the American Israeli Political Action Committee [AIPAC] is considered the second most influential lobbying group in the country just after AARP. As far as defense and diplomatic spending… it does seem as though Israeli interests wield an inordinate amount of influence.

A large portion of the national economy comes in the form of banking regulations mostly set by the Federal Reserve Bank. The Fed regulates or acts in a supervisory role for; Edge and agreement corporations, U.S. state-licensed branches, National banks, Savings banks, Nonbank subsidiaries of bank holding companies, Thrift holding companies, Financial reporting procedures, Accounting policies of banks, Securities dealings of banks, Foreign investment by banks, Foreign lending by banks, Bank mergers and acquisitions, Capital “adequacy standards, Extensions of credit for the purchase of securities, Electronic funds transfers, Community Reinvestment Act sub-prime lending demands, All international banking operations, Consumer leasing, Payments on demand deposits… and more. In this regard… a large portion of the economy is in the hands of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York… which… although isn’t in the hands of foreign interests… is controlled by an oligarchy of international banking houses.

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Bunk…..not true….

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I’ve never heard that before, but I can tell ya that we will always defend Israel but it’s for religious reasons. I think U.S. economy is “controlled” by many different factors, mainly the somewhat new “global economy” (since NAFTA was implemented) (Oh I can’t get started on that right now) Greed is the reason the U.S economy is in the shape it’s in. I will explain why If you want but I don’t want to make this answer too long.Let me just say that we “did it to ourselves”.

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Niky, I’d be interested in who you think controls America’s economy, and how you came to your “bunk” conclusion.

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If you just read headlines, or Google News to educate yourself on world economy, you miss a lot of what’s really happening out there. If you dig, and look beneath the surface, and read things from a multitude of sources, you can put the information together and form a truly educated opinion.

This will shock you, because it was NOT covered by mainstream media. Last week, the US House of Representatives passed a bill called “United States - Israel Security Cooperation Act of 2012.” (USIESC)

In simple terms, this bill states that the US agrees to provide Israel with UNLIMITED MILITARY and FINANCIAL AID. As the US pledges allegiance to Israel, they blatantly alienate themselves from Iran.

The bill states that the US will provide Israel with unending support to increase missile defense, assistance with producing and procuring the Iron Dome defense system, defense services such as air refueling tankers, missile defense capabilities. It states that the US will offer training to the Israeli Air Force, and give Israel more authority to purchase commercially through the Foreign Military Financing program. It also states that an expanded role for Israel be encouraged with NATO, including increased presence.

Susanne Posel, of Occupy Corporatism, states, “If there were ever language to suppose that there were a merging of these two nations, the USIESC fits that bill.”

Huffington Post refers to it as a “Dangerous piece of legislation” and claims will “undermine the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, weaken Israeli moderates and peace advocates, undercut international law, further militarize the Middle East, and make Israel ever more dependent on the United States.”




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well i live in the USA but my family are all jews so im ok with it!!! :D

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Thank you a bunch. :)

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Hi Sri {:^) Sorry I didn’t see this before. The responses you got from Miscegenymiser and Pinkpearl, even if they were entirely accurate (which is far from the case), have basically nothing to do with your question. Control of the U.S. economy means control of economic decision-making; that is, decisions regarding where and how capital is allocated, how profit will be distributed, how well or poorly labor will be rewarded, the production and distribution of goods, the role and rules of economic markets, ownership of property, etc. Israel has absolutely nothing at all to do with any of that, and neither Pinkpearl nor Miscegenymiser suggested that it does. Their answers address only how much aid Israel receives from the U.S. government. In 2011, U.S. economic and military aid to Israel was around 3 billion dollars. The Gross Domestic Product of the U.S. that year was around 15 trillion dollars; the total U.S. economy was over 50 trillion dollars. That means U.S. aid to Israel comes to about 1/50 of one percent of the USA’s economic production, or just over half of 1/100 of one percent annually of the U.S. economy.

So it may be true, as Miscegenymiser says, that the large portion of total U.S. aid that goes to Israel indicates that an “inordinate amount of influence” is exercised on U.S. foreign policy by pro-Israel domestic political constituencies (not, as he puts it, by “Israeli interests”). Or it may just indicate the degree to which legislators of both major parties rightly or wrongly identify U.S. interests with a militarized Israel. But that aid, however large it is compared to the paltry sums we give to other countries, is but a speck of dust in the U.S. economy, light-years away from any measure of “control” over that giant.

Pinkpearl seems to be suggesting that new legislation passed by the House is about to increase U.S. aid to Israel to infinite levels (she says “unending”), but that is extremely misleading. I agree with her that the bill she refers to is a terrible idea for all the reasons given by Stephen Zunes in the Huffington Post article she linked to. But that bill is merely a resolution stating the “sense of the House,” which even if passed by the Senate and supported by the Obama administration would legislate no change in the amount or form of aid given to Israel, and even if fully implemented would only move the U.S.-Israel relationship a step or two further in the same direction it has already, unfortunately, been moving. It is, in my view, just election-season pandering, a ritual expression by both parties of their allegedly “pro-Israel” sentiments - which are really, as Zunes shows, extremely dangerous to Israel.

Most interesting is the part of Miscegenymiser’s response where he speaks of the Federal Reserve system. That whole paragraph should properly be part of an argument against the existence of any Israeli control over the U.S. economy, yet he seems to intend it as evidence for such control. If, when he refers to “an oligarchy of international banking houses,” he means “an oligarchy of international Jewish bankers,” then he is invoking one of the most vicious falsehoods in the traditional repertoire of Jew-hatred. Since until now he has given me no reason to think he holds such racist views, I am left to wonder what he thinks that part of his answer has to do with your question.

I’m curious, what brought up this question for you?

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great-great answer. Thank you :)

Answer #10

Hi yim {:^)… Hayyim takes questions very literally…why he seems to be having trouble with my post. Hayyim saysSo it may be true, as Miscegenymiser says, that the large portion of total U.S. aid that goes to Israel indicates that an “inordinate amount of influence” is exercised on U.S. foreign policy by pro-Israel domestic political constituencies (not, as he puts it, by “Israeli interests” That is splitting hairs. Are you seriously suggesting that AIPAC has no discernible connection to Israel other than in the forefront of the minds of AIPAC members. If so I refer you to Larry Franklin http://funadvice.com/r/bstlptc5ev1 Hayyim has done his best to bring the argument that it is the tail wagging the dog… and not the other way ‘round. That it serves American interests… at least in the minds of some… to maintain Israel as the gem of democracy in the middle east. To this end… we have alienated ourselves from all other viable trade relationships with the majority of Arab and Islamic states… even as it has at least contributed to the largest portion of defense spending due to blowback from the policy. Sorry Hayyim… that theory doesn’t hold water… no matter which b@ng you seem to be toking . Though… in my opinion… the blowback itself does serve a useful purpose for the defense contractors and our central bank… the Federal Reserve System. I’m not sure what Hayyim’s rationale is in suggesting that because Israel does not receive the totality of the GDP… this means that they cannot have an inordinate amount of influence on those few congressmen… banking regulators who do decide on the issuance of money… trade policy… and regulations. Again… Hayyim is left to argue that it is a complete coincidence that Israel receives the bulk of our financial aid. Israel… which enjoys a per capita income on par with European countries. Hayyim says….Most interesting is the part of Miscegenymiser’s response where he speaks of the Federal Reserve system. That whole paragraph should properly be part of an argument against the existence of any Israeli control over the U.S. economy, yet he seems to intend it as evidence for such control. I suppose this conclusion stems from a lack of historical context on the part of Hayyim. To be fair… it also stems from the obscurity of the banks who own controlling interest in the Federal Reserve bank. So… we must correlate… to the best of our understanding… those member banks of the Federal Reserve System whom we can at least reasonably assume to be the ones with controlling interest… with Israel… in some capacity. I suppose Hayyim is aware that the modern state of Israel is settled on land ceded to Great Britain via the British Mandate of Palestine following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire during WWI under the Treaty of Sevres. The land attained by Britain was then promised to the Zionist Federation of GB and Ireland… headed by Lord Walter Rothschild… heir to the Rothschild Banking family of England. Baron Edmond Benjamin James de Rothschild… a French heir to the Banking dynasty was one of the Rothschild clansmen, that helped fund the Jewish settlement of Israel. James Armand Edmond de Rothschild funded the knesset. Obviously… the Rothschild banking dynasty had/have an interest in the perseverance of the state they were instrumental in shaping. It is no longer a secret that the Aldrich plan that eventually became the Federal Reserve act was written by a committee of bankers with Rothschild connections. The mastermind of the bill and original member of the board of governors for the Fed… Paul Warburg… was an in-law with the family. J.P. Morgan had many connections with the Rothschild dynasty. His father was the protege of George Peabody… the British liaison between the Rothschild Family and the anglocentric British aristocracy. JP Morgan Co. was a transmogrification of George Peabody and Company. It is reasonably safe to assume that the Rothschild Dynasty has a large stake in the Fed’s stock. Though… an exact figure would be impossible to deduce. My take on Sri’s question… wasn’t as literal as you wish it to be. I attempted to make a correlation between the vested interests of both the state of Israel.. and those banking regulators of our Federal Reserve System. To this end… it isn’t important that the Rothschild Dynasty happen to be jewish… though I am sorry to inform you it is the case. I disdain all forms of nepotism and cronysim inherent to most any cartel. The disdain isn’t in regards to the ethnicity of those engaging in nepotism… it is in the act of nepotism itself. Do you consider critics of the Cosa Nostra syndicate to be racist or anti-Sicilian? By my estimation… you are engaging in ethnocentrist tendencies… or perhaps even supremacist tendencies when you defend the act of the most pernicious lot of misanthropes who ever plagued this planet… simply because a large portion of the cartel happen to share your ethnicity. I consider them criminal bankers… I don’t care who carried their Y haplotype. You’re the one who chooses to distinguish by ethnicity… so… you’re the racist.

Answer #11

Ive been wondering the same thing

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