Which one is the best operating system in terms of performence and also user friendly?

macintosh , windows or linux?

Answer #1

I have an Apple iMac, and love it. Never have problems with it. The only thing I would like is to have more CAD that is made for the Mac that is simple and easy to use. Most of the software is made for Microsoft. There are some programs that PC’s have that are good, easier to use than Apple, but I love my iMac so much who cares about Microsoft. I never have problems, where PC’s do.

Answer #2

windows particularly windows 7. any of the 64 bits… i used the 32bit win 7 beta and rc but now i use win7 ultimate 64 bit and the difference between the 32 and 64 bits its shockingly fast :O

Answer #3

I agree I have a mac. It goes really far and I have yet had a major problem with it. Nothing too major, just silly things on my part. If you are use to a windows operating computer it will be a change switching from a PC to a mac, but its worth it. I have a macbook and it has so many cool programs and you don’t have to worry about viruses and stuff. It pretty much pays for itself after a year or so.

Answer #4

All depends on what you are doing.

Windows is very versatile. You can design, video edit, play games everything. Although because of that its not overly great at one particular thing, but IMO it is the best option if you are mostly gaming. And windows is fairly user friendly IMO.

Mac’s are more targeted for design work whether photo, video or audio. They are getting more games on them, especially with a Mac Steam client now released. Mac’s are also fairly user friendly. It can be a little difficult tho going from windows to mac or vise-versa as their file systems are completely different. Also you pay a lot for the name “Apple”.

Linux is a hole different can of worms. Even with the newer Linux’s with fairly user friendly GUI’s, they can still be a bit tricky. I’m running Ubuntu Liinux on my laptop, and most of every day to day work its not a lot different from windows. But getting it setup was a bit trickier, and install drivers is a LOT trickier. Installing software has gotten a lot easier even in just the last couple years that I have been playing with it. Most software is as easy as windows - double click and wait for the install. But when you need to start configuring things out comes the Terminal (or command prompt) and things get a bit hairier. So I don’t think most Linux disto’s get points for user friendly OS. But there is one great advantage - everything on my laptop as far as software and OS is 100% legit and 100% free.

Hope that helps.

Answer #5

Oh I forgot to include this link - it has a good list of pros and cons for each OS:http://funadvice.com/r/3kavglls9n

It is a bit out of date, and I feel that Linux especial has come a lot far as far as being user friendly even in just the last 2 or 3 years.

Also as Mac’s take up a bigger chunk of the market share, there is going to be more viruses targeted at them. Their biggest advantage as far as anti-virus goes is they have a small market share, so not much is gained by releasing a malicious software target at them.

Answer #6

In my opinion, Windows 7 is a great OS. I have used it ever since its Milestone stage and absolutely love it.

As an unbiased person I will again say Microsoft has the lead.

Microsoft holds almost 70% of the OS market due to its compatibility with almost anything out there that software developers throw at it. It can handle installing Apple OS and Linux OS and practically every part known to man is compatible on a Windows OS.

In terms of performance, I would give it to Windows again. Apple only uses Intel processors for their hardware, which doesn’t give much variety to people on budgets or who favor cheaper AMD processors. Also, Apple tends to use more of the higher brand products like nVidia graphics cards and such. This is all great, but I can’t use cheaper brands that work just as well in my Apple. D;

A lot of people have also said “Microsoft steals from Apple”, well sorry to say but it is not true. Sure, they may have taken one or two ideas off of Apple, but look what Apple has taken. In 2003, Apple created the Safari browser to be bundled with their Mac OS X. In 1998, Microsoft created the Internet Explorer, to be bundled with their Windows 98. Microsoft created an interface for multi-tasking and DLL’s. Apple went and did the same thing, but with a newer design. In 2005, Microsoft showed off Vista’s new “Aero theme”. Later on, Apple showcased their new “innovative” style where everything is transparent. I can go on and on who stole what, but it doesn’t matter.

As for Linux, it is very rare to see people use this as a daily OS. Linux has served its purpose as a server style OS for businesses. Although there are such distros like Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint, and such, they are more towards skilled people who know much about terminal codes. Linux was also the father of the One Laptop Per Child Campaign. You know, what we today call a “netbook” with an Intel Atom CPU. :D

All in all, if you favor the norm, use a Windows OS. It is compatible with just about anything and many hardware upgrades are cheap for PC owners. Mac users will have a great advantage when it comes to using such programs like iTunes and Photoshop, but in a few years, the value of that Mac will drop and when it comes time to shop for upgrades, Apple hardware can be pricey($150 for a new HDD, ouch) Linux is a great program for skilled people or for those who just want to try something new. In terms of software, they have their own softwares for Linux and the hardware is the same as PC owners.

Hope this helped. :D

Answer #7

That is true about PC’s having multiple virus attacks than Mac, but there is a reason why. Microsoft’s share of the OS market is large, so naturally hackers will want to attack the bigger company on top first. This has led to many companies developing their own AV programs for the consumers like us. Also, just so you know, out of three OSes, Mac OS X Leopard was the first to be hacked followed by Linux then Microsoft in a contest. It just goes to show that viruses aren’t OS specific. :)

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