Is there an alternative to trading through icic bank of india?

Online trading has become very popular. I am from India here still offline trading people prefer to do. Where as many people started doing trading online. Ofcourse here in my country to do online trading one should a account on some of the online bank which give the facility of online trading. Like ICIC bank of India gives the facility of online trading. Here in this bank I have to maintain a required sum of ammount to trade online. Where as I do not like to trade online through some bank. Is there any alternative to this? Like is there any system through which I can invest in the share market and do the business online without maintaining a bank account?

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From what I understand, the bank account is necessary to do online trading...however, the ICICI Bank is the largest bank, but not the only bank. You may be able to find another bank that suits your needs better.

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