how do you know if you are talking to a predator?

how do you know if you are talking to a predator? What are some key signs that you are?

Answer #1

You never know for sure. I’m always wondering myself. Just look for anyhting that might be suspicous, like someone asking or offering too much information.

Answer #2

Be aware of anything they mention or do that is illegal or could lead to doing something wrong.

Ask his/her family/friends about that person’s past.

They might lie often & change their stories quite a bit.

They will constantly ask your about personal information

DONT FALL FOR THEIR CHARM!!!They will try to get you to fall in love with them.

Tell a trusted adult about what you suspect contact the police if needed.

Dealing with something like this can be very scary just make sure your safe at all times :) Good luck!

Answer #3

if someone just randomly all of a suddon emails you saying something like “hey, looking for a boyfriend?” “got a boyfriend?” “hey sexy pants” or anything like that on the VERY first email, thats ussually not someone you should talk too. also if there pictures, and the faces or bodies of the pictures dont match up, that could be a sign. or if they only have one picture.


ussually normal teenage guys start out a convo by saying “hello. I like your picture, its really beautiful” or something nice and calm like that. they ussually dont come on so heavy and others.

if you think that you are talking to a predator, dont be affrade to call the police.

Answer #4

theyll try to hit you up ask if you have a boyfreind/girlfreind talk about sexual things they will cpompliment you a lot and tell you things like your beutiful, sexy, smart, ect try to get your details like were you live, your numcer, ect theyll ask to meet you say things like oh and whats your number so I can call you when I get there, ect ask what you look like ask about your family prentend to be your age prentend to be friends of a friend of yours show you dirty pictures ask what school you go to ask if youve ever masterbated or had sex before ect, things like these howeveer friends and normal people ask these questions as well so usually its hard to tell if your talking to soemone your age or if your talking to a 45 year old prentending to be your age dont give out any details or anything they could use to get hold of you or find you if you suspect someone if a predator or phedofile report them to whatever sitre your on, dont talk to them, if they continue tell them you suspect there a pervert and tell them to “f*ck off” . and dont talk to them anymore

Answer #5

While all of those suggestions are good and wise, another thing to point out is that not all of these are quickly apparent. If you start learning personal information of the person, write it down so that you can check it again later. Birthdays and ages sometimes slip after a week or so of conversation. Also, be sure to never give out any personal information of your own. This includes name, city, and even some afterschool activities such as sports. Any of this information can be used to determine who you are and where you live.

Basically, the few things to look for are questions about personal information, or just becomeing too friendly. Also be on the lookout for small changes in information that is shared with you as this hints to a lie of something even bigger.

Answer #6

Yeah, but remember, the picture could always be a fake a fake as in, that’s not really a picture of them, but of something else So be suspicious. If someone shows a picture of themselves that you’ve seen before, or if the person is posting sexually explicit photos, that’s a major red flag.

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