Why can't online games be introduced into Olympics?

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You can’t be serious.

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because..first of all that’s not a sport, it’d be like adding checkers to the olympics. and it takes no natural skill, like the olympics do, so anyone could play and that would… just be stupid.

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Why exactly would you want that? Olympics include physical events, such as athletics swimming and running. Sitting in front of a pc clicking your mouse a few times isn’t exactly physical.

Also some of us watch the olympics for the sexy athletes….hehehe….no offense, but gamers kinda spoil that image for me :P

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The Olympics originated in Greece and was a tribute to several of the Olympian Gods. ATHLETIC Olympians Gods. They Olympics is all about athletics. Playing online games has absolutely nothing to do was athletics, its pretty well the exact opposite.

Answer #6

Actually it does take skill to be really good at gaming. NO way anyone would beat a really professional gamer, it just isn’t a physical sport.

Answer #7

if your talking about pc games then fatal1ty has been trying for years to get pc gaming into the olympics..

you see a pc gamer needs a sparing partner in order to practise and as we are using energy, as in using both arms to play a game then we should be entitled to play againt other country gamers in a tournament thats world wide.


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that’s more of a mind only thing lol

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No matter how you try and wing it it still isn’t a physical sport. Me eating a burger is also using energy from my hands, putting gaming into the olympics is just as ridiculous as making it an eating contest. Also you don’t need a sparing partner to practice, you need a pc.

Answer #11

of course you need a sparing partner, how else are you suppose to practise?

you cant practise with ai as their not human and easy to kill.

eating doesnt require good hand eye coordination where as gaming, like tennis does.

the olimpic committee have been thinking about it for years, infact its on their recognised sports list. it really is just a waiting game as to when it does actually make it.

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