Online bullying?

Anyone think that maybe just maybe online bullying is sick, twisted and getting out of hand?

No one is fixing it and my friend is getting hurt. in the days when our parents were younger, they didnt have to worry about this crap. Rumors about them would maybe only spread to the other schools or just throughout their own. Online harrasment and bullying,


Its there for the entire world to see. And it needs to stop.

Answer #1

you have serious mental issues if you let what someone types online affect your real life

Answer #2

ANY type of bullying is just plain fcking lame. People think they’re all badas just because they pick on certain people. Well for your information, your NOT cool… you look like jackasses! Online bullying is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If someone trys to “start” things with me online, I tell them to fck off and block them. People shouldn’t take it so hard. If they’re saying things that hurt your feelings, stand up for yourself! If it’s online, block them or report them to the site head. If it’s in person like at school or something, also stand up for yourself and figh back. Don’t let them push you around. Let them know that your not going to put up with sht like that. I know I wouldn’t. I personally have never had problems with bullies… probably because the “bullies” were all too scared to mess with me. Real badas huh lol Bottom line here is bullying is for dumb fcktards who have no life. Anyone who is a victim of this needs to do something about it. If it’s at school, tell your teachers/principals. If it’s somewhere else, report it to whoever is in charge there. If it’s online, block them/report them to the site head.

Answer #3

not if it starts making everyone hate you for no reason and treating you like crap constantly and it never stops. And I do mean everyone.

What then?

Answer #4

I was watching this show on tv about the internet one time & this kid was getting bullied on the internet & he hung himself.

& recently this girl killed herself because this woman in her neighborhood,who was some girl she knew mom,was pretending to be this cute teenage guy & they started talking & the woman pretending to be the guy would tell the girl how he liked her & stuff & they talked & stuff like that & it went on for a while,then one day the woman pretending to be the guy told the girl she was ugly & stuff.& then the girl just killed herself.

its sad.& I really hate stuff like that.

Answer #5

there are bullies everywhere, not just online. if anyone gets hurt by some anonymous loser talking trash about them, then they should just ignore them. it’s stupid to take online harassment personally. I get tons of hate mail for the dumbest things, and some personal things, but I just ignore it and it doesn’t phase me. Also, in your parents days, bullying was worse than anonymous online bullying, people would just beat the heck out of you and do actual physical harm. sure that still goes on today but it was the same then too. it wasn’t some perfect bliss land. Online bullying is the equivalent of some homeless guy on the street yelling “hey idiot” or something.

Answer #6

I totally agree that online bullying is stupid!!! I mean whats the point? I don’t get why people do it! It just hurts others for no reason:( I had this big unit at school on all kinds of bullying and its really sad to see people do that kind of stuff:(

Answer #7

I agree sooo much with a7x! What great advice! And yes, ANY kind of bullying is just plain wrong and should be stopped for good!

Answer #8

I used to get bullied (not online) and I said nothing, until I got badly hurt, tell your friend to report it because cops or anyone with access can find the point of where it started. seriously get her some advice from an acctuall person something like that, bulling is a horrible thing

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