Oijjia board!

OMG! So my friend Mckenzie was doing the oijjia board everyday and soon she was powerful enough to do it herself. Then the ghosts could actully make her DANCE! They could move her around! And then I was just tlkin to a ghost and she called and said to stop right away. She said that she just found out that they could make you want to kill urself and such. The ghost said I would be very powerful at 12:00 am today or… tmo I guess, I dont know what to do. Mckenzie is getting holy water and saying prayers to try and make them go away. AHHH

Answer #1

Nothing to play with - can lead down a very dark road.

Answer #2

A Ouija board is a game - not a gateway to the supernatural.

They certainly don’t make you dance and want to commit suicide.

I think your friend is playing you for a fool.

Answer #3

you sound like you are gullible. the board is never used by oneself. seriously I could do the same stuff. its fake. contacting the beyond natural is not somethign everyone can do. and besides I dont believe in ghosts. I’ve hunted for them and nothing. all just a load of crap sorry. you should do the same thing and then see if your friend believes you. that will make her scared

Answer #4

I agree with ichi…it’s just a game.

Answer #5

it’s a game

Answer #6

useing them everyday is not to good.. once in a while is okie. NEVER use them alone or when you are tired. they can take advantage of this. you dont no who you are talking to. I heard that the devil is the one who you contact. but I think thats not true. and dont give trust to the spirit. but they are fun :) but not something that should be taken as a joke.

Answer #7

I’m not sure where I stand on the Ouija board… I’ve used one and I believe most of what I experienced was paranoia and things caused by my “subconscious”. I asked if I was pregnant once and it said “Yes”… I can’t have children. It’s a game, but … well… this is hard to explain. There are psychological studies on Ouija boards and they show that it is something that just happens that you don’t notice yourself doing. That why they say “You must believe it will work” for it to work. If you think it will work, you will subconsciously make it work with out realizing you’re doing it. Have you noticed the planchette doesn’t move when you don’t touch it?

Answer #8

ouija boards are not things to play with. please leave it alone immediately. it is not a game. only bad spirits communicate thru them. the pure spirits are strong enough to communicate by themselves but bad ones feed off youre energy.

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