Techniques for soccer?

I feel sad, when I let in a soccer goal, and my team cheers me on. But I don’t want to feel like crap all the time.. Anybody have any techniques?

Answer #1

Tomorrow’s another day - new game - go out and make that great save !!

Answer #2

well go online to and do a search for a reactin ball its a little bumpy ball that someone can through on the ground and you dont know which way it will bounce or one drill we do in high school jv soccer is face a wall or goal and have somone else throw a ball and turn around when there about to throw it and try to stop it

Answer #3

shake it off. it’s not just your fault that the ball went in…

your defenders.. your mids… your forwards…

they are just as responsible for the goal as you are.

do your best. no one can ask for more than that.

Answer #4

Dont let no one tell you something to put you down, And espicially dont let no one tell you, You can’t do something because you made some mistakes, I personaly play the violin… Did I make mistakes yes a lot… Including once in a school program.. But I never stoped playing my violin… Just think this you arent the only one making mistakes, Since everyone does. I bet some of your fellow team-mates, Made mistakes in the field? Just dont let it get to you…

Robert =D

Answer #5

Positive self-talk. Every great athlete uses it.

Answer #6

so i know this is from like 2 years ago but i decided to answer anywayy (: so this year i was also the goalie for my team. id never played soccer before and as a freshman i was put as the starting varsity keeper on my team. as you can imagine, i wasnt very good….at all. but i always used to think how bad i did and how i shouldnt have let in that goal, but honestly i realize now that those thoughts are exactly why i let in the next ones. as a goalie you have to be confident in order to succeed. think to yourself to try to correct yourself and do it better the next time. this is still my first official year of soccer, but after playing year round and pushing myself to get better, i have a chance to play division 1 soccer in college. so dont beat yourself up because when you think your going to play bad, because chances are , you will. hoped i helped, even if it was two years later(:

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