Why is my older dog humping our puppy?

We have a 1 1/2 year old Sheltie. Thinking he needed a friend, we purchased an 11 month old male. The first day was horrible. Our older, Dale, is completely obsessed with the puppy and trys to hump him constantly. Today Dale even pinned him and attacked his neck. I am heart broken!! Help me, please!

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Have them both neutered (if they're not already). Also, neutered dogs hump each other to dominate. He's probably just trying to show the other dog that he's boss, and to dominate him/her (but don't let him).

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Trust me, he doesn't associate humping with playing. Its not play to him, its a dominance issue. I'm glad you're taking him to get the procedure, he will be over it and healed in no time, dont feel guilty!!

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easy problem well if hes not nutered one but he is also threatened by the new puppy 2 show his dominance he well uk marks his territory by humping.

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Neuter the older dog and eventually the younger one also. Alternatively there are hormonal supressants that your vet can give the older dog but if the dog is not a prizewinning stud or potentially a prizewinning stud (and if it was, you wouldn't need this advice anyway ) he really doesn't need to remain entire .
It's a dominance thing and it will work itself out eventually even without neutering but everyone will be happier all round without all that testosterone flowing !

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once the dog is neutered is neutered u may still need to asert some obiedence over him n we have a 2 yr old bi*ch hu is outside now barking and we found that the spray did not work on her but we found that if if u shake a bottle full of rocks at them if startles them and they stop wot they are doin then lead him away and give him a treat issueing a command then saying good boy agen or woteva u say to him. we found that with our dog she ran inside the house wen we shook the bottle and now we oly have to shake the bottle once and she will immediatly run bac indoors afta she has stopped barking

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Thank you for taking the time to answer. No, Dale is not neutred - yet. We kinda' figured that would be a problem so he has an appointment on Friday. We should have had it done, but loving him so much we didn't want him to have any pain. That's stupid, I know, but it's the truth. Now, it'll probably be worse than if we'd done it sooner. We plan to neuter Tony as soon as he is 8 months old. Our other fear is that with the Sheltie personality (Dale is really quirky) if we scold him for humping Tony, he may interpret that as playing is bad.

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OK- I am having a similar problem but doesn't involve humping... We had 2 full grown Golden Retrievers and got a 3rd puppy and for the first 1-2 months our oldest could have cared less but all of a sudden he is OBSESSED with him. I don't know if we should keep them seperated or what- he doesn't hurt or hump him but follows him everywhere and stands over him whining while the puppy sleeps... I think it is driving my husband and I crazy more so than the puppy- would you guys think neutering would be a good answer for that as well?? (I am going to talk to the vet next week because this is becoming a real problem- it's really become creepy, they are all boys if that makes any difference)

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Our 10 month old puppy who we got four days ago and was also neutered four days ago tries to hump us and our 9 year old border collie mix. I'm not an expert but after doing some research and watching our dog, it seems partly out of aggression which is why you have to watch them when they do it very closely. Since he's bitten his neck, tell him No, or stop, or any command that you think the dog will easily understand that tells him to stop doing it. If he refuses, pick him up. If he bites you, or continues to harm the other dog, give him to a shelter, and be sure to mention that he's very aggressive, or give him to someone without another dog.

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Is Dale neutered? If not, he needs to be. This may be the problem. Otherwise it may be a behavioral issue, perhaps Dale is just feeling threatened and is trying to establish dominance over the puppy who has "invaded" his territory. If you haven't had the puppy for very long, this should subside once they get used to eachother. Try keeping a squirt bottle around and spraying Dale every time he tries to get on the puppy. Give him a firm no and remove him. But give him treats and praise him when he exhibits nice behavior toward the puppy. Good luck!

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