Who misses old Nickelodeon cartoons?

I miss being 10- because the best cartoons were on TV. now its a whole bunch of asian anime cartoons. like drake the dragon? or whatever. I just feel like complaining. so here are the shows I miss most.

adventures of pete & pete ALL THAT (ORIGIONAL CASTING) Alvin and the Chipmunks Are you afraid of the dark? AAHH! REAL MONSTERS Beetlejuice CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL DOUG Figure it OUt Ghostwriter GULLAH GULLAH ISLAND Gumby guts HEY DUDE kablam KENAN & KEL legends of the hidden temple ren & stimpy rockos modern life rugrats SALUTE YOUR SHORTS TINY TOONS wild & crazy kids

I dont have OCD it was a list already in alphabetical order and I just picked the best shows on there…well..what I thought were the best shows…and the ones in all caps were my all time favorite- and I wish they were still on tv. when you have one of those sick days and all you watch is tv. I use to think I was such a bad a$$ watching Jerry Springer untill I found out 2 years ago it was completely staged. what a let down. I th ought people were really like that.

I also miss “FACE” the host of nick. and “stick stickly”

so if anyone else feels the same.. we should write to nickelodeon demanding our shows back.

Answer #1

Oh my god, so many memories just came zooming back when I read those comments. But a lot of the shows on now aren’t half bad either.

Answer #2

I TOTALY miss OLD NICKELODIAN!! I mean, all the new shows are all non cartoonish, and just anime, anime, anime! I mean, really; who wants to sit there watching SPONGEBOB all day long? just imagine this: “I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m I’m Ready,I’m Ready,Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready,I’m Ready” you see my point? it gets annoying. and I mean, really. what kind of people make two MALE cartoons in the shower together( I’m referring to the scene where spongebob pops into squidwards shower in SPONGEBOB THE MOVIE. ) I mean, really! I miss All of the above carttons you listed, and I miss them very much. you know how you can tell if your a true origanal nickolodean fan? if you can remember “FACE”‘s favortie sandwich: A penut butter and bannana sandwich.

yup, and I also remember the origanal Blue’s CLue’s(the one with Steve). I just really miss the origanal Nickolodean. And I miss it badly. thankyou for writing this question! :)

Answer #3

I like Invader Zim the best!!! They should bring it back! I heard that sooo many online and physical petitions have been signed, asking for the show’s comeback, and yet, the creator won’t make anymore… This sucks! who agrees with me?

Answer #4

jlc35906, I love spongebob. ok. I really miss MAKE WAY FOR Noddy, BLUES CLUES, HEY ARNOLD (MY favorite of all). ahhh…a blast from the past…good times…good times…

Answer #5

Ugh!! I SOOO miss the old Nick! It’s sooo like blah now. I expecailly miss Are You Afraid Of The Dark. Mannn those were the days!! No anime!! Just good OLD nick!

Answer #6

Oh God not dora i remember watching that when i was 3 or so uhg i hated it by the time i was 4 i can’t even imagine how bad it got shiver

Answer #7

Cow & chicken?

Not a cartoon but I’d like to see F-troop and gilliagans island once in a while I miss the fucowee Indian tribe. He a pic of there homeland (just kiding). Does anyone rember f- troop?

Answer #8

OMG, I sooo miss the old Nickelodeon! I talk with my friends about this all the time! I always watched Aah! Real Monsters (or however you say that). I was totally in love with Nickelodeon until I was like 10, but now it’s just plain stupid. Spongebob…Jimmy Neutron (okay, that’s a good show)…Tak-Juju whatever. These “new-fangled shows” get so boring after about five minutes, not like the classic Kenan and Kel.

Answer #9

you’re missing the point. i dont want random episodes played. i want the series back. i wouldnt have complained if i just sat and watched NOGGIN all day.

Answer #10

I miss CatDog. =[

Answer #11

I miss



rocos modern life

rocket power

Answer #12

I miss it all I dont even watch nick anymore cause its lame. I miss are you afraid of the dark & keenen& kel

Answer #13


Answer #14

INVADER ZIM!!! that’s the best; they should make some more episodes, or at least put it back on air

Answer #15

Invader ZIM!!

Answer #16

i miss old nickalodina I LOVE FULL HOUSE THOUGH

Answer #17


( i think i spelt the name wrong- whatever. you get the point)

Answer #18

i feel the same way. we’re in america! and now there’s dora the explorer

Answer #19

ummm yess I feel the same way!!!

Answer #20

does anybody remember catdog? I LUV THAT SHOWW

Answer #21

Some of those are still on like Figure it out and GUTS and Kenan and kel and rugrats and doug

Answer #22

omg me and my friend were talking about that I miss it so much evrything they show now is sorta wak

Answer #23


Answer #24

are you kidding?! i used to sit and rot my brain out in front of the tv watching all of those shows! (especially on saturday nights!) good times…

Answer #25

I do

doug hey alnold etc

Answer #26

These Are All The Shows I Miss That Have Been Canceled Wheather On Catoon Network…IPTV…Or Nick!


Rocko’s Modern Life

All That

Kenan And Kal

The Amanda Show


Clarisa Explains It All

Are You Afraid Of The Dark


Big Comfy Couch


Hey Arnold

Ren And Stimpy




Figure It Out (Game Show)

Finders Keepers (Game Show)

Double Dare (Game Show)

Ledgens Of The Hidden Temple (Game Show)


Dragon Tales


Wild Thornberrys

Courage The Cowardly Dog

100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd

AHH Real Monsters


Gullah Gullah Island

Rocket Power

I Hate That They Do This… It’s All Crap These Days!!


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