ok...there should be a rule against people that ask if they are fat

Who agrees with me? These types are questions are plain stupid. They should get some sort of mental help if you ask me. They say “I’m 5’3 and 120 pounds…I’m fat…please help me!” They should go and say that to someone who truly is overweight. I think they are trying to get attention or just trying to rub it in those who are overweight’s faces. Who is tired of questions like this besides me? There should be a rule against it.

Answer #1

Some of those people have genuine concerns and shouldn’t be belittled.

Answer #2

They need to get help…

Answer #3

Some people don’t know how to go about losing weight. Just like the questions girls ask about pregnancy. This website is for people who need advice about things.

Answer #4

thats dumb I think they chould go to the doctor they think thir fat because something is wrong with thei brain or something like that

Answer #5

They can be annoying. There was a time a few weeks ago someone was asking: I’m 5’3’’ or 5’4’’ and 94 pounds am I fat?

That got REALLY annoying. I answered no each and every time.

I think there should be a category for this, and not the health section.. A seperate section, or maybe questions like that directly submitted to an advisor, so we don’t have to look at it. Questions like that clutter up the site just like ones that say “Am I pregnant?”

Answer #6

yeah omg my neiboor killed herself because she reconed she was no use to anyone I liked her she was friendly I look at it as big boned!!! mwaaah get help!!!

Answer #7

I think they should ask, but seriously? Are you gonna say “Oh, yeah, your SO fat?” No one wants to hear that, even if its true!

Answer #8

Well yeah it can get annoying. But I don’t think those people are trying to get attention or rub it in other people’s faces. You little comment is kinda harsh in my opinion though, just let those people be, and try to ignore questions like that. They also ask those questions because they want other peoples opinions.

Answer #9

sometimes thats the situation and sometimes people just want to get an honest opinion from people other than their friends and family…but ya I think its annoying when they’re just asking for attention…JENNY JACKED MY PIC!! =P

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