How can I get woodcutting up on Runescape?

Hi, I play runescape, im a lvl 84 with 77 woodcutting, I was wondering the fastest way to get 99 woodcutting and allot of logs.

if you know please leave some advice.

Answer #1

well if ur mems i’d say willows with d axe if ur free willows stll willows (at a high level) can be cut just as fast af normal trees ive been cutting for about 2 weeks(counting breaks) and i have 5k willows oh and btw 92 wcing ^^ hope i cud help

Answer #2

well get the best axe you can and cutdown yew simple as that lol

Answer #3

just give up, runescape is a horrible game. it was good about 4-5 years ago. give up and play WOW or Guild Wars. Or go find a good free one. try they have a bunch of great free games.

Answer #4

Yews. Cut yews until 99.

Answer #5

Maples. Millons Of Maples

Answer #6

if memeber cut normal then at 15 oaks then 30 willow then 45 maple then60 yews then 68 ivy for the win! 300xp each but heres a good tip play stealing creations get 20 points I think buy sacred clay hatchet doubles the xp so ivy 600xp. hope it helps :’)

Answer #7

just keep cutting yews till 75 become mem buy d hatchet then cut magic trees till 99 wc and you make great cash by doin so

Answer #8

if your a mem than get your wc to level 45 and cut maples with a dragon axe its munch faster intil your wc is lvl 60 than cut yews and sell them its a really good way of making money I have 156m by cutting a lot of yews. if your a free player cut oak logs intil lvl 30wc then cut willows for a little while its a little harder if you use a bronze hatchet so try a steel hatchet then ade hatchet get your wc lvl to 60 then cut yew logs till lvl 99 dont forget to sell your yew logs! hope I helped

Answer #9

fritz997 says that if your a mem then cut mapels intil your lvl 60 than cut lots of yews thats a good way of making money to.if your a free usar than get your wc to 30 and then cut willow for alittle while its a little harder but thaTS as far as you can go intil lvl 60 when your lvl 60 cut down yews dont forget to sell them you could get a lot of money there worth I think 370gp a log

Answer #10

Ok, so right now your 77. Keep cutting willows until your at least 85. THEN go on to yews (this is for F2P), and you’ll be cutting them as fast as willows. I reccoment you to not cut magics until your in your 90’s, and make sure you use a dragon axe.

MYTH: The higher the wc level, the faster you chop magics. That’s not true, but if you use a dragon axe they will chop a lot faster then rune.

FACT: If you go on a full server, magic trees spawn twice as fast.

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