How can I fix my life?

Well… I’m a first year art student studying graphic design. This year blows- we’re pretty much not doing anything related to GD but um…yea- I’m in danger of failing and I absolutely hate school. The worst part is - my college isn’t accredited (or however its spelled) well none of my credits will transfer. I have a part time job at Friendlys as a waitress and I cant stand it anymore. my dad just got out of surgery, I can’t stand my roommate, and I have a small eating disorder…I’m stuck..and my life sucks.

Answer #1

the first thing you need to do is start stuffin, your face I mean. eat everything you can get your hands on, then just purge it all, you have a great start being that you have a burgeoning eating disorder…excellant. try purging in 2 gallon zip lock bags. collect them for about a week, hide them in your closet by your spring clothes and then on mondays drive to a local mcdonalds dumpster and fling them in. the experience is both ghastly and titilating, trust me on this. just dont get caught by any patrollmen, unless they are hot.

Answer #2

Dear breathe23, Sometimes when one thing in our lives start messing up we see it as everything is messing up. So we need to do a check and take one thing at a time. I know that Graphic progams in school usually start out with other things before they get to the good stuff…it’s in their curriculum. You wade through the crap first then the good stuff comes later so hang in there, study hard and you’ll be ready for the good stuff when it comes. We all have to support ourselves and that usually comes with working in jobs we may not like too much. While your at this job continue to look for a part time job in something else that may be more appealing to you. But work is called work if it wasn’t it would be called “fun”. You hate your roommate so move…find a roommate you would want to be with finish out your lease or contract with the old one and move on. Sorry to hear about your father but at sometime or another a loved one does go into the hospital and we are there to be supportive by phone, mail or in person it’s about them and we can’t forget that. Your eating disorder probably comes from the stress of not dealing with your life. Be pro active and take care of your life and chances are your eating will improve. If not go see a counsellor for some help. You’re not stuck…stuck is a choice that you’ve made so make the choice to get unstuck one step at a time but you need to begin to take responsibility for your own life and not blame others for where you are. Getting moving…the sooner you do the sooner you will have both feet unstuck. Sue…good luck

Answer #3

We all go through times in our life that suck.

I know little about you but I’ll toss out some ideas.

If you are not learning what you want to at your school than why bother? Finish out the semester and learn what you can then if you can’t take the classes you want next semester than find another place to study. You might as well go to a university since at least your diploma will mean something.

You should tough out your job until you can find something more to your liking. My worst jobs were as cooks in restaurants. In my case at least I liked some of the people I worked with.

How long is your lease? At the end of your lease you should be able to move out and get an apartment without a roomate or with someone you like better.

You may be stuck for the time being but this isn’t forever. Every difficulty in your life has a solution.

good luck!

Answer #4

Im studing graphic Design too, and im having troubles too in a part time job that I have and living with a stupid cousin that I hate also, I have eating disorder too, god your life is kind a alike mine and at some point of my life I really hated everything and wished I could be in someoneelses life, but you know what ? im ok now, because as the first answer you received, when bad things happens to our life, you can’t see the good things, everything changed in my life when I went to Peru, my native country and saw the misery there, I mean at least I had ajob, my health, my food, my intelligence, etc. so I said I can move on I have everything I need to get out of the hole, I just needed to do IT.

Answer #5

Honestly, there is no quick fix for life, so you can’t expect one. You need to take things slowly, and see how they end up working out. I understand that your dad just got out of surgery, but right now it’s his responsibility to heal and get better. However worried you may be, there’s just nothing you can do about it, so accept it. Sure, you can still help him out some, but in the end it comes down to him. Have him understand that you have other things going on. As for your classes, if you don’t enjoy them and it’s not what you imagined, you shouldn’t be taking them. It’s not worth it and now you’re just wasting time and money. It’s okay, it takes a few tries to get things right, but if you don’t like something, odds are your not going to be great at it.

 You hate your roommate and your college, so what the hack are you waiting for? Life won't come to you. You have to go get it. You can decide that your stuck and live everyday with a miserable helplessness, or you can choose to make YOUR choices in YOUR life. 
 Plus, your eating disorder? Yeah, that's probably just stress, but stuffing your face isn't going to help you. That's just going to get you depressed because you'll be forcing yourself to become what you consider a fat lard. Just realize that shape doesn't matter, and that your beautiful the way you are. Just think back. You have friends, right? Family? They've all been there for you unconditionally; they don't care about your weight.
You sound like a great person who's losing themselves in their life. Find some defiance in you. After all, the world runs according to survival of the fittest. By not standing up and making your decisions, you're saying that you're not strong enough to deal with the challenges that thousands of people deal with every day. I'm sure this isn't true. Don't prove it to me, prove it to yourself.
Answer #6

There is nothing broken in your life, so there is nothing to fix.

The fact that you are a serious student that needs a real academic challenge rather than the humdrum sub-jr college you’re attending; the fact that you have sold your strength and mind to wendy’s in order to maintain your independence; the fact that your concern for your father’s health follows you even to the internet; all these things as well as the tone of your words belie a very well put together person. Based on this, my advice is: (1) Plan to follow your dream. Plan to “do” for the rest of your life, precisely that which you would just love doing almost all the time, in your spare time, when you’re robbing time from other chores. WHATEVER IT IS! No parental religious national genetic racial limits!

(2) But, with one proviso, breathe23: YOU MUST BECOME the Best THAT YOU CAN POSSIBLY BECOME AT IT. Education, work, acquaintances, whatever self-discipline it will take for you to reach the goal of Your Own Extreme Cabability to Do It.

PS .. after my year in a jr college, i was advised that contrrary to earlier information given me by the dean, the school was NOT ACCREDITED (either, like you) and so no transfer credits., etc. So what did I do? I turned around and applied to the universities in europe which were best suited for my own pursuit. I attended the one which offered the best scholarship, and also worked while there.

You’ve got nothin’ that needs fixin’ .. just Go take the Next Step towards .. (you know)

Answer #7

I dont know because I am a single parent who does not get child support and I want to go to a really good collage and my grades in high school were not good and I want to turn my life around. So I dont know how to fix my life.

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