Is it offensive to call candy you only find in mexican food stores "mexican candy"?

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i don't think it is, because you don't no what the candy is called sooo you might as well call it mexican candy, other people might think its racist but i don't think it is.

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Oh no, it's a waste of time to worry over something so trivial. The majority calls it "Mexican candy" so it must be fine.

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Majority does not always mean it's right... that is kind of insane,

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No. It's not discrimination.

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The majority of people I know call me white girl, but in truth I am Romanian so they should be calling me Romanian girl but it's more simple, so it's left at that. Point caught?

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no... thats what its called probably 80% of the people at my school are mexican and thats what they call it and what everyone else calls it

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i didnt know white was a country... or that romanian people had a certain look

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its better than beaner candy or wetback chewies, do you think people are offended if you order mexican food in a mexican restaurant, or if you say you prefer mexican tacos over taco bell?

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i HATE it when ppl call me that lil white trash girl -__- but the school i go to ALOT of people are racist

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Yeah, I get that a lot too but they usually don't mean anything by it. There only about 10 white kids at my school so I stick out like a sore thumb.

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