Is michael jackson gay?

Is michael jackson gay? Im not gay.

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No, he impregnated a woman.

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no1 really nose what im guessin sense he spelt with lil boys but tats just what I think…

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michael jackson is not gay!!why do you think he is gay?before he died he was about to get married so who ever think he is gay they are gay and is just jelous of the koool michael jackson so shut the f* up

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I dont believe so. Men who are socially inept and soft-spoken are often accused of being homosexual. I have a relative who used to hide his face a lot, and people would always ask me if he was gay, but he wasn’t. I think people start that kind of trash talk about others, because they have an inferiority complex.

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I think he is since he supposovly slept with little boys and got a sex change but you never know.

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Hey, this is just me…but I totally think he is.

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Only he knows for sure.

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are you michael jackson trying to defend urself??? or what?

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MJ did not sleep with little boys. These were lies! He was found not guilty! I dont understand why people insist on saying these things. He was a gold ticket for some unfortunate people that just tried to bring him down. I have had sleep overs - and I let the kids sleep in my bed! Does that make me a bad person? He grew up in a home with many sisters and brothers - it was no big thing to be like that! Did you fail to read that he actually slept on the floor! Poor Michael. I have two young boys and I would have trusted them with MJ! And I am a very over protective mother! Please stop the rumors and let this man rest in peace. He has brought so much to our lives and should be remembered the right way! MJ you are the best. Thank you for all you have given us.

BTW - if he was gay - that was his own business. Leave it alone.

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I dont think he is gay, he just has a mind of a child himself. If he supposebly ‘slept’ with little boys then why would people let their children go to his house etc, after all the rumours that have been said.

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NO Michael was straight.. married twice Was involved with a lot of young actresses Brooke Shields, Tatum O’Neil, some say Diana Ross and more recentlty in Las Vegas, Lorelei Lanford

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no I dont think he had sex MJ was smart as hell listen to his songs they all had messages plus the way he acted he hung around kids becasue they didnt judge him like dumb people that still believe he slept with kids adults judged him and were mean to him the kids didnt judge him and make up fake stuff about him like hollywood did just like he had to die for people to finally figure out he didnt bleach his skin people are so dumb they believe everything they hear and they dont open there eyes and see for themselves. “if were all thinking the same thing there were not all thinking”

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I have never believed that MJ was gay. He was soft spoken and shy. He was flashy because he was a showman. It is also interesting how this gay stuff is surfacing after his death without any real evidence. It is disgusting how this sick biographer relied on the words of young men who never gave their names. I say this is garbage and the author is just padding his wallet at a dead man’s expense. This author found nothing to support his initial molestaion claim. This author admitted that he set out to “nail” Jackson for molestation and found that MJ was actually innocent. Do you think that anyone would have purchased this book without any meat or smut to it? I think not.

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“So poor, he couldn’t put food on the table for his kids” That quote alone is all the proof you need to know this story is made up. He died renting a $100,000 a month mansion. This story is B.S..

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nahhh. he wasnt gay. and I bet that when they said that he sexually molestered little kids those were just ugly rumors to make him go down,or take his money. let the king of pop rest in peace god damn it!

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In an interview with oprah years ago he said, that he wanted in the future to have a famiy, be married, and have his own kids. He even said he was and has been in love with 2 WOMEN. Brooke Shields, and another that he refused to name. And since then he married twice.. so, im almost 100% sure he is not gay. And if he was, who should care he is amazing and is sooo inspiriational on so many levels.

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I dont believe this claim,I simply love him(he is exactly the only person to truly know besides god ).just bc he was not a womanizer or a player and did not enjoy sex or being around women as much as the normal male does,does not conclude gayness.I find it odd that with all the gay rights groups in america now helping homosexuals that he wouldnt of admitted being gay.gays are now allowed to be married.mj in life as well as in death will always be a moneymaker.any michael jackson subject someone will write a book from it whether negative or positive(rarely happens).ian heperin,martin bashir,aphrodite jones,jermaine jackson even.this is my truth now rest in peace michael.

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I personaly think he is ,but whats wrong with that?

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