How many octaves can you sing?

Me, about 3, I think I’m a bass but, I can also sing sorta high songs like Lithium or The high part in All around me. Not really high but I think it’s high.

Answer #1

none! i cant sing i squwack lol

Answer #2

Lol squwack, I squwack also, I tried to sing “Somewhere over the rainbow” and at the last note of the song I squwacked real bad XD

Answer #3

Practice makes perfect, I practice evey morning and since I have asthma, I do 100 sit-ups everyday to to sing for a long time. I’m trying to practice screaming but, my voice is so sweet. -_-

Answer #4

A 13 year old girl singing Bass ?? . WOW - Remarkable ( to say the least ).
. Not many big barrel-chested adult males are capable of singing Bass ( other than singing it in a higher tenor register ). . Love to hear you singing this Bass Aria and actually hitting the right notes: . “Quoniam Tu Solus Sanctus” - the 11th movement from the epic Mass in B Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach.

[ followed by the 12th movement “Cüm sancto Spiritu” sung by a massed SATB chorus ] .

Answer #5

Nonnne. I suck. lol

Answer #6

I actually think I can sing this.

Answer #7

Well, one a scale, I can sing approximately three octaves. And I’m afraid most girls don’t sing bass! We’re generally tenors or sopranos. It would actually be quite frightening, for me at least, to hear a 13 year old of either gender with a bass voice, but especially so for a girl.

Answer #8

Then I believe you should take proper singing lessons to develop your talent. I think a professional female bass singer would be very highly regarded and potentially well rewarded financially.

Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #9


Answer #10

Ok then, how many octaves can you squawk? :)

Answer #11

I can sing about 2 baritone octaves, and then maybe squawk - no, make that squeak - another few notes beyond that. I used to be able to do most of another octave in a passable falsetto, but no more, alas.

Answer #12

Why screaming, Ruthie? If you mean you’re trying to find the vocal and lung power that hides behind the sweetness of your voice, I don’t think screaming is the way to do it. Instead, bring a friend with you to a very large room (like a gym), put them all the way on the other side from you, and try to sing your best song to them so they can hear it sweet and clear.

Answer #13

I’m trying to sing the song Hallelujah one octive lower than it is. The Shrek version.

Answer #14

I sing in church and the priest has stereos on full blast and they can still hear me. And I have a natually loud voice because of my mom.

Answer #15

. I think you should record your efforts and post them on YouTube.

Answer #16

My da doesn’t want me making a youtube or go on his until I’m 15 because by then, I’d be better at singing and piano.

Answer #17

Awesome {=^Q So what do you need to perfect your scream for?

Answer #18

I like rock, and heavy metal music.

Answer #19

Ok, I get that. But please use it sparingly, so you don’t burn out your voice altogether.

Answer #20

. OK that sounds like good sense. Looking forward to hearing you in a couple of years. .

Answer #21

Yeah, I also kind of agree with him because of where I live kids get pregnant at the age of 13 and my dad is being overprotective becase of that, that’s another reason why.

Answer #22

There are some very pretty covers of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” but if you want to hear it sung by someone who means it from the depths of his bones, please listen to this rendition by the Master himself, on tour in 2008 at age 74:

P.S. One of my favorite verses from the original 1984 version of this song is seldom sung anymore:

You say I took the Name in vain

but I don’t even know the name

And if I did, well really, what’s it to you?

There’s a blaze of light in every word

It doesn’t matter which you heard -

the holy or the broken “hallelujah.”

Answer #24

I meant to embed the video, lol. Oh well.

Answer #25

I know I how to scream without damaging my vocals but I’m practicing my screams every two days since I’m not used to it yet, and eating a cough drop everytime I’m about to scream.

Answer #26

None i dont think

Answer #27

:L i cant sing to be honest i dont think

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