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Obama is talking about giving us a Chip in our hand so he could tell who is who and where everyone is, but in the bible it says that in the end of times people are going to get a chip from the anit-christ and you have to choose between god, or the chip, the chip would be our source to food and everything! Im soo Scared I really believe that obama is the anit-christ... And we have to stop the chip thing!!!

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there is not reason to be scared . we christians have to keep in prayer that is our strength!!! God Bless

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***If they did not know about technology back then, then why would the prophet say in revelations that EVERYONE will see the dead prophets “TV"***

Really? Please, show us the part in revelations where it mentions television. In hebrew, even!

***Then go read this site…***

What site? If NASA is predicting the apocalypse, then this I've got to see.

How to help my Agnostic boyfriend become Christian?

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Oh, it doesn't...

There's just a few thumper-nutbars out there who think the 'beast' mentioned in the Bible, is actually the INTERNET.

A side-affect of watching 'Megiddo' too many times...

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The bible says nothing about a microchip... you're talking about the 'mark' of the beast.

And why are you scared? If Obama IS the antichrist, that means you get to go to heaven soon... right?

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@nixie before you go on a rant about ignorance please please please learn to spell properly and have better grammar.

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I think the first beast is not here yet,
The beast will come here when the believers are already
But for the second beast I really think he's here
first I had my tought on obamma too but the poor man
is just trying to clean up bush his mess.
I think the second beast don't know he is gonna be one yet
I think that he lives in Irak en he's acually the king of irak but I didn't get the trown.
When the first beast ( the antichrist) comes the believers are already gone so think about that the chip
is already there so how long will it take before the believers are gone en the beast will come.
It's never too late to give you're life to Christ
And even when te beast comes it's not too late but it will be a fuc'd up time and it will be difficult to keep you're trust in god. The only thing whe have to do is
Believe! that Jesus gaved his live for uss
Believe! that God is mighty
Believe! that God is with uss
Believe! that Jesus is the son of God\
Believe! That God loves uss!!!

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They have been talking about that for quite some time, thing is the Anti christ will implement that. Obama is not the anti-christ, I have written quite extensively through biblical passages that show he can not be the anti-christ. We are still a very long way off from the chip in the hand. This is what first has to happen before the chip in hand is put into place.
Israel must defeat a joint nation effort to destroy them launched by Russia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt and possibly France.
Isreal must become an EXTREMLEY wealthy nation (now they are simply rich but no the kind that the bible indicates)
There must be a treaty signed, a major earthquake and a large population of the earth will die.
There are many more but these are the major ones. We still have about 20 years (in my oppinion) before any of this happens. G-d bless.

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"Obama is talking about giving us a Chip in our hand so he could tell who is who and where everyone is"

That's preposterous. No he's not.

Besides, all the stuff about the 'mark of the beast' etc in the Bible is polemic about the politics of the time, not prophecy. It was supposed to be about the time the authors were living in. 666 (or 626), for example, was a coded reference to a roman emperor.

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I'd be very interested in seeing where the Bible talks about chips.

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THAT is not revealed untill Jesus Christ comes back so if it really does happen...we wont be there.

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I have been constantly getting email about the chp in the hand and it does say that there will be something inserted in the top of the hand or scalp. the one that obama is talking about is not the first one I have heard about though. I heard about another one that they were inventing that is like a credit card and if you dont have one in years to come that you will not be able to survive because you will not be able to buy anythng. Just recntly I got an email that said that the world government is going to starve the poor to get rid of a majority of people in the world. In all of these emails it has actual verses from the bible and I am a complete believer in the anti-christ but I am still not sure that oama is it.

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If they did not know about technology back then, then why would the prophet say in revelations that EVERYONE will see the dead prophets “TV” “DSTV” does it ring a bell….. a lot of the prophesies has come true not so long ago. 1948 Israel became independent and if you know your bible you would ad up the dates and come to that date. Earth quacks… there has always been but they have increase by a 90% figure in the last couple of years. Hunger! Depression! Sicknesses (Aids to name one and H1N1) and in Africa Colora outbreak recently and Cancer (Now babies get cancer who don’t even have cancer in the family)
Also the bible predicts of people like some of you posted here …. The bible calls them/you scoffers…. So scoff all you want. Also the bible predicts of people being willingly ignorant towards the bible… interesting! if you want me to translate that for you… it means willingly stupid!

Anyway use the info or don’t but the Lord is not coming in 20 years and not in 10 but as quickly as things are happening rite now, I’d say within the next 1 maybe 2 years.
O and those who read the bible, in the end they will be riding with horses…. Do you know why? Then go read this site… it will tell you exactly why and this is from NASA so you can’t really scoff at that now can you.

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I heard somewhere that the anti-christ comes to bring a new beginning for humanity after hurtful times.

which was why Hitler was thought as the Anti-christ for a time too for he and his party brought back pride to their country yet bursed in inhumane activities.

I amostly believe that we have no reached a part or position to have true thoughts that the anti-christ is here.

I base this info from the History Channel..

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Agree with arachnid: the Bible is a religious book, but it also has a historical context. Reading 21st-century micro/nanochips into an ancient description of the 'mark of the beast' (written long before computers, on an isolated Greek island)is simply going too far.

Read the Bible for spiritual advice, but don't draw in modern technology or politics..

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I dont think anyone could say who is and who isnt the anit-christ... bible says that he is going to be a good man and everyone is going to idolize him/her, and he will be a leader. soo you cant say NO hes not.. because srsly you dont know. just because I believe it dosnt make him one.

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