Obama's stimulus bill?

I was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me where this money is going to be coming from? I mean I was watching cnn and the bills around 900 billion dollars! I’m a democrat and I voted for Obama, im just not sure where he plans to get this money from when we are already in so much debt do to rediculous republican spending the past 8 years of bush’s presidency. I find it hard to believe we can spend our way out of this debacle so it would be nice to hear your thoughts thank you!

Answer #1

There is no money. The previous administration took care of that.

We can’t afford to spend this kind of money but more than that we can’t afford not to.

Answer #2

New World Order!

I actually don’t know for sure about the NWO I just think that the more they spend the more we go under =P

Answer #3

fillet, I disagree. Deregulation combined with government insurance programs got us into this mess. That isn’t to say the private sector is angelic, but it’s just the savings and loan mess part 2. Part 3 will follow in another 20 years, because no-one has learned a damned thing from this.

The government provides insurance and regulates to make sure no-one abuses that insurance. Later on, it removes the regulation while blissfully and stupidly continuing to insure everything. The abuses follow, and then everyone blames the greedy private sector for rationally ripping off the government when it is allowed to.

Answer #4

toadaly: the idea that the government is the problem is what got us into this mess. The idea that the Government can’t do anything right and that the “free market” will right all wrongs causes industry friendly legislation and gutted enforcement of existing rules. The meltdown we see today is the result of free market economics and minimal government regulation.

It is rather obvious that banks can not be trusted to act in the country’s best interest. They had a heck of a run and made a lot of money unchecked but their greed ended up taking them down. Currently we are allowing banks to be private but their debt to be public. If the government is going to assume banking’s debts than they should have more say in how they do business. I’m still sitting on the fence about nationalizing banks though.

Two things held the US dollar up for a long time. All oil is purchased with petrodollars with are in fact US dollars. This demand for dollars has kept the value high for a long time. Also, US T bills have been seen worldwide and the safest place to park your money. Now Iran is working on accepting Euros and Yen for oil. The drop in the dollar has already caused T bills to loose value. As foreign investors abandon our T bills and OPEC starts accepting other currencies the value of the dollar will drop.

I think in fact the dollar needs to drop. A weaker dollar means that foreign goods will be more expensive and domestic ones cheaper which should improve our trade deficit and higher demand for domestic goods should allow the US to start making things again instead of trying to get by on a service economy.

Answer #5

Very right Fake money is what we are getting and if you do believe we will be ok by fixing everything with fake money then I think you need to do a little more research.

What I said a few other times I will say again:

The Depression was started in 1913 when the FEDs got permission to start printing money(Fake Money), the depression has been going on for a very long time just hasn’t been very bad until recently.


If you look around and see what all is now in control of the United States of America then you will see what is going on.. The FEDs are in control of a lot of things they shouldn’t be in control of…like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) they regulate the food market and tell you what you can and can not sell.

Ever since the FEDS got control of the US money we have dug our self’s a whole that we can not get out of, if you think about it and you look around most people think that if they have more money the better things will be that is our problem right there because most people look at it as money = power so as then the more money you have the more power you have.

So then people started to get in dept and is looking at the things they could have to make them look like powerful (Wealthy) people…that may not be completely true in some cases but most people are in dept and have a terrible time getting out of it.

Eventually the dept catches up with us and we “the people” start to create a Financial Bubble, the bigger this Bubble gets the worse things will get sooner or later this Bubble is going to pop once that happens we are going to be in a lot of trouble…

Oh and Bush did mess up by spending a lot of money we didn’t have in the first place for the War in Iraq.

Oh and the Government would have a lot to do with our being in dept…isn’t anyone a little carious why they don’t tell us we are in dept and say we are the best country in the world…does anyone wonder if that is true or false?

By the way the more money you print that should not be there in the first place becomes more and more worthless.

I hope that makes since to you all.

Answer #6

We are borrowing money from overseas, just like we did on the last stimulas bill. Oh, by the way, that was a joke especially since we got doubled taxed on it. When I filed taxes I had to file it as an income therefore paying for that money twice. So, if we get another check they can have the damn thing back. So anyone else who recieved that money will have to pay for it again. Welcome to America where there is still taxation without represention! Why do I say this because the old farts in Congress enjoy spending our money anyway they choose without giving us a straight answer as to where it is going. Waistless spending by the Democrats now besides the Republicans; talk about by partisanship on this issue. Before you know it another country will be owning this country. I say we should make all the countries that we let borrow from us and never did pay back– pay us their dues!

Answer #7

I know tell me about it, and General Motors and Chrysler are asking for billions of dollars as well!

Answer #8

“I think in fact the dollar needs to drop. A weaker dollar means that foreign goods will be more expensive and domestic ones cheaper which should improve our trade deficit and higher demand for domestic goods should allow the US to start making things again instead of trying to get by on a service economy.”

or we could put a decent tariff on imported goods. japan did that crap to us in the 80’s and it worked fairly well for them. plus, increased revenue for the government means it’ll help them get out of debt without raping us too bad on our taxes. plus, it gives big companies incentives to keep their business stateside. perhaps hoping for a weaker dollar isn’t the best option…

Answer #9

The money comes from a printing press. Anyone who believes the government can simply print money and solve the economic mess isn’t thinking very clearly.

If resources are devoted to make-work projects, those same resources can not be used for true economic gain. We are heading toward a long period of ecomonic misery much like the 70s, with lousy opportunities and high prices. The government is unwilling to admit that it is the cause of economic problems rather than the solution to them.

Answer #10

he is borrowing the money from overseas. It will come from either Japan who we already owe $580.9 billion, China who we also owe $386.8 billion or Saudi Arabia whom we owe close to $100 billion.

but, with the way the economy is, we cant afford not to do this.

jobs are vanishing, and frankly it’s horrible.

plus the jobs he’ll be giving us, will be improving schools, and roads and such, so its going to a good cause.

Answer #11

There isn’t any money, so basically he is using money that is worth nothing, oh and we might get taxed more for the money he took that is worth nothing.

We are going to be going through a Depression and we won’t be able to avoid it we are in dept and we have created a bubble, that is getting ready to pop.

Also did you know that Kashkari and the Feds will not give account of where 2 trillion dollars of taxpayer money has gone. This is a verified fact. Go to http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601109&sid=apx7XNLnZZlc&refer=home

Answer #12

it comes from a printing press, my friend. America needs real money, but it has no real money; only fake printed money. so they print more fake money and give it to everybody. then everybody has lots of fake money, but everything costs tons of fake money, so everybody stays poor. hooray for fake money, solver of world problems.

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