How did Mr. Obama become President of the U.S?

Late last night, whislt listening to a “Talk-back” host on a Sidney Radio Station, he stated that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya. He said that he had a video (tape?) of Mrs. Obama saying that Mr. Obame wished to return to his homeland of Kenya. He also stated that Mr. Obama’s Birth Certificate had been located, and this stated that he was born in Kenya. As I understand it, only a person born in the U.S. can become President of the U.S. Or am I missing something?

Answer #1

Same way all the others became president, getting enough votes. i still dont believe he was born in America thats mi own oppinion. People voted him because he promised to give them stuff. he’s a communist, he belives every1 should get payed the same.

Answer #2

You’re correct, only a person born in the U.S. is eligable to become president. There’s no reason to be confused: Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, two years after the state joined the union. PolitiFact (a trusted news source that my government professor swears by) actually showed proof of his birth certificate.

Answer #3

ehm… no. Mr. Obama is not a communist. He just came um with a handful of social reforms. If you call Mr. Obama a communist, then all of Europe, also Canada and probably Australia is communist states. We do have social security insurances, health insurances and retirement insurances over here. Everyone pays and those who need help get help.

Answer #4

“If you call Mr. Obama a communist, then all of Europe, also Canada and probably Australia is communist states” First off they are Countris and Continent. Second off I love how people say he is a communist yet if George W Bush said we all pay the same taxes and the same healthcare and had the same housing education and what not no one would even think communism…infact they would jump for it…. if people would let him do what he needed to in order to restore our country we probably would be better off than we are now.

Answer #5

Stasha, do you mean W. Bush or Obama in that last part?

Answer #6

Obama is not a communist. He just tries to make the gap between the wealthy and the poor a bit smaller, and that’s about time.

Answer #7

Michelle Obama did say that. She has qualified it by saying she meant his ancestral homeland. The Kenyan birth certificate is suspect, and may be a red herring or a straw man meant to ensnare investigative efforts only to have its forgery revealed which would then cast aspersion upon any dissenting opinion.

President Obama has never produced his long form birth certificate… the one that would include attendant doctor and staff… time of delivery… footprint etc. He has never turned over his Occidental College records either. Hawaiian authorities have assured the American public that they have seen it… they have it… but cannot/won’t produce it. That seems a dubious claim to me. Why would he not turn it over and settle the dispute? There are no good answers as to why besides the obvious… it isn’t there. The fact that so many would settle on taking another’s word for its existence speaks to the epidemic of partisan based cognitive dissonance that is rampant in America.

For what it’s worth… very little… my stance I mean…I don’t care very much in catching foul play in progress on this one. There isn’t a good alternative to be had. I didn’t support either of the two main candidates in the last election. I would like to see the Constitution upheld… but if we should travel that road, I would prefer to see my natural rights returned to me before some twist ending in political theater plays out.

Answer #8

@joel this has nothing to do with communism. This is a question of whether he was a U.S. born citizen or not. lets not get off topic with political BS.

Answer #9

The right wing absolutely hates that Barack Obama is president. They have done everything they can to try to discredit and delegitimize him as president. Even though President Obama has done everything necessary to prove he was born in Hawaii and is a natural born citizen according to US law the right wing has continued to do everything possible question his citizenship openly by the most brazen and by whisper campaigns by those who are too cowardly to stand behind the lies they tell. These have worked. A slim 51% majority of Republicans question Barack Obama’s citizenship.

Barack Obama became the president by getting more electoral votes and in my opinion anyway by being the better man for the job.

Answer #10

I don’t think you are correct. Even if Obama were born overseas i.e., outside the United States (which he was not), he would still be eligible to be president. The key is that he was a US citizen upon his birth and because his mother was a US citizen, he would automatically be a US citizen as well regardless of where he was born. For Obama, it is not even open for debate as you rightly state he was born in Hawaii.

The relevant text from the Constitution is below:

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Answer #11

I apologize, I forgot to include that exception. But as you said, it doesn’t matter, as he was born in the United States.

Answer #12

Right Annie. The exception is important here though because even if some ill advised person believed that Obama was born in Indonesia or Kenya or somewhere outside the US (some people, in fact many, do believe this), it still wouldn’t matter. Regardless the man could run and become President under the Constitution. Given this, I am having trouble wrapping my head around the “birth certificate” issue. It is a red herring i.e., irrelevent point even if true.

Anyway, thanks Annie for listening and responding to my banter. You are a sharp cookie.

Answer #13

No problem, and thanks for the correction.

Answer #14

wth!!obama wasn’t born in hawaii.that’s stupid.he was born in affrica.look it up!!wow.false information

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