Do you think Obama will get re-elected?

Answer #1

USA is not my country but I do not like him being re-elected. He is a good talker but slow decision taker.

Answer #2

i dont live in USA either but everyone i talk to that does seems to hate him.

Answer #3

I am in US and I don’t think he will be, his popularity is going away, and as Sri said he is a slow decision maker and slow action taker

Answer #4

Damn you are right!!! lol

Answer #5

I agree 100% lol :-)

Answer #6

Yes I do. As long as the tea party remains a major faction within the Republican Party, they will wreak havoc in primaries.. I see no one emerging who I think will be able to beat Obama in a general election.

Answer #7

Bush won his second term with a lower approval rating than Obama has now. And he doesn’t run against himself. The GOP will have to put up a strong candidate to beat him, I don’t see any one in the republican field right now who I would consider strong.

Answer #8

Most likely not, but I don’t think it’s gonna matter, this world has been headed down hill way before him. He isn’t to blame for any of the mess now. Former presidents are to blame, he just got elected when this country was at it’s lowest point. And he is doing what he can at this moment. Being president isn’t as easy or simple as you would think it is. Some things take time, you can’t just rush something out and expect it to become law within a week. Some things don’t take as much time. But yeah, his chances of being re elected are slim, in my opinion.

Answer #9

Actually he voted for a lot of the things causing the mess back when he was a senator. I’m not saying it is his fault, I’m just saying it isn’t the past presidents either. FYI The last few presidents were all on the same team. They are all pro NWO.

Answer #10

He is a puppet like most of them. People need to start considering that there are more choices to pick from than the ones the politically controlled media shoves down your throat.

Answer #11

I def hope not!

Answer #12

President Clinton also was hated by a lot of conservatives for not being conservative enough and disliked by a lot of liberals for not being liberal enough. President Obama is in the same situation. Thing is that politics is always the art of choosing the lesser of the available evils. As far as his opponents go there is a lot of evil. Palin is polarizing and frankly not too bright. Huckabee is a religious nut and couldn’t run a stealth campaign in an election as widely publicized as the presidential. Bachman is bat-guano crazy. Gingrich has too many skeletons in his closet even for a Republican. Trump, probably not serious and only trying to stoke up ratings for his TV show. Romney could be a strong candiate but the state health care plan was the model for national health care reform that Republicans have been demonizing and being a Mormon will be a problem with Southern Baptists who consider it a cult. Pawlenty could also be a strong candidate with moderates but doesn’t generate much excitement with the base and is poor at raising money. While president Obama’s popularity hasn’t been high remember he actually has a job to do. The Republicans have been effectively campaigning against him ever since he was elected while Obama was busy trying to do his job so he has been a punching bag; when Obama actually starts swinging back and campaigning his numbers will rise. I predict a tough campaign but Obama will be reelected as the lesser of the available evils since all the Republican candidates are so weak.

Answer #13


Answer #14

i don’t believe so. In my opinion he was elected because a. the choices for president weren’t good at all. We had a women ( no offense i don’t think a women should be president because of how emotional we are) and McCain was too old, risking someone with potential health issues and such a strong choice and then obama. b. i’,m a firm believer that obama was elected because ill informed first voters and the color population voted because he would be the first afrian american to be president. which yes is great to make history but that didn’t make him qualified. Thus why we are all suffering and waiting around for him to do what he pledged to do.

Answer #15

I think he has a really good chance. He’s making this country a lot better then what Bush made it even if it is getting better slowly. So yes i do believe he will and i usually dont vote but ill prob vote this time for him.

Answer #16

I think he has a really good chance. He’s making this country a lot better then what Bush made it even if it is getting better slowly. So yes i do believe he will and i usually dont vote but ill prob vote this time for him.

Answer #17

also why they have a campaign for reelection against him.

Answer #18

Ypu have to understand though Bush made a mess out of a lot of stuff no its not getting better fast but it is getting better . No offense but if you were in his situation would you change the economy around in a short period of time? i think not

Answer #19

A woman shouldn’t be president because of how emotional they are? The color population? Really? Wow…. I mean… just… wow…

I voted for Obama and I am a very informed voter. Far more than you. Afiican American did vote for Obama overwhelmingly. But they always vote for democrats overwhelmingly. Not because of race. Bill Clinton, Gore and Kerry all had around 90% of the African American vote.

Are you a FOX News viewer?

Answer #20

you are going to say that a good portion of first time voters actually looked at both candidates and compared? thats was i was saying. also i didn’t say that colored people only voted for him because of race i actually said that was a big point for him. so instead ranting and picking out minor details of my opinion reread what i wrote.

Answer #21

also never once said everyone was ill informed i said first time voters. I respect everyone’s opinion on the ordeal. i was simply stating my view on it. and further more the question is how well do you think this country would be run by a women? you don’t agree that pms, mood swings and emotions would affect it at all?

Answer #22

yeah… I’m eagerly awaiting the death of die hard partisanship. Politicking has become the game of championing whichever candidate shares the same letter designation with you at any cost… and then once in office learning to adopt their ideals in place of your own and then convince yourself that it somehow differs significantly from that other parties candidate whom you railed against.

Answer #23

Colored people? Emotional women? What, are we in the 50s? I hope you realize that not every woman suffers from PMS. Men also suffer from mood swings derived from fluctuating testosterone levels. I can’t speak for all women, but I can certainly speak for myself. I know that when my hormones are fluctuating due to my menstrual cycle I am slightly more apt to get irritated. I, however, know how to control myself and not let it get in the way of my duties at work, school, and around friends and family.

Answer #24

I giggled at Huckabee and Bachman….I am frankly terrified at the prospect of many of these candidates actually winning.

Answer #25

I do not to get into a huge thing here, but…. ARE YOU INSANE? Colored people? Do you not know how derogatory that term is? Yes, I think new voters were quite informed for the most part. Far more informed than the McCain voters, many of whom still think Obama is not a citizen. I am just completely dumbfounded that a woman would think a woman is unqualified for being president just because she is a woman. Absolutely amazing!!! You need to do a bit more growing up…

Answer #26

i love how everything i said was blown out of proportion. And if you hadn’t noticed i’m a female too there sweety. And you said for yourself you get slightly more apt to get irritated. Now pms was just an example. but i guess my better question would be do you think men or women handle stress better? I mean were talking running an entire country

Answer #27

i love how everything i said was blown out of proportion. And if you hadn’t noticed i’m a female too there sweety. And you said for yourself you get slightly more apt to get irritated. Now pms was just an example. but i guess my better question would be do you think men or women handle stress better? I mean were talking running an entire country

Answer #28

Nothing was blown out of proportion. You do realize that there have been many world leaders who have been women, right? Ever hear of one losing it because she had PMS? I don’t think we should even ask the question which sex is better. Why not look at each individual, rather than what group they come from…

Answer #29

The lovefest is over… lol…. Some might think that the best way to affect change is to work from within the system. Railing about from the outside does nothing to change it. While what you say is true to an extent, ideology does matter to many. And that does not make them lemmings. I see a vast difference between the parties in ideology. Not so much in their politics and practices.

Answer #30

I honestly do not see at this time how any of these candidates could win…

Answer #31

ok fair enough. you’ve made your point. i was simply asking you guys simple questions? no more no less. but do understand my stand point of this with the 3 candidiates that were running. that was my main point of my first reply. and i said i honestly would rather have a male president. maybe i may not have had good points to why, but that still stands.

Answer #32

haha sorry i think its whole conversation went completely further than it should have, i’m spirited stubborn girl and i really just enjoy debating regardless to weather i have been proven wrong.

Answer #33

First off, I would appreciate if you left the condescending names like “sweetie” our of your responses. I did say I was SLIGHTLY more apt to get irritated. I also said that I know how to control it, and it does not interfere with my responsibilities. Believe it or not, people can never tell if I’m on my period because I don’t let minor irritations ruin my decisions. Part of becoming a responsible adult is learning how to control yourself and being held accountable for your actions.

Men and women respond to stress differently. Its really not a matter of being better or worse than the other. Of course there are other factors that feed into stress coping mechanisms such as how the person was raised and genetic factors. “nurturing and friendly” sure sounds a lot better than “fight or flight” when dealing with foreign policy…..Just saying….

Btw, I am in no way a feminist. I just get tired of people thinking that women are not as able as men to hold positions of power.

Answer #34

did you miss the whole point where i said you were right? and that your point was proven?

Answer #35

and i agreed with jimahl with it should be based on the individual not women as a group.

Answer #36

Actually I did miss it. I was in the midst of typing when I got called away from the computer for a while. Took me almost half an hour to post the response, and I’m assuming thats when you responded. Anyhow, I thought you might like to read the articles. They are pretty interesting….Or maybe its just because I’m a lab rat. lol

Answer #37

Obviously working within this two party system isn’t going to effect change. Non-conformity hasn’t really been given much of a chance. I feel that part of the reason is due to a complicit media that works against change… but they flourish in the status quo. Jeffrey Immelt gets appointed to a cabinet position by currying Obama’s water. GE gets unbelievable tax breaks. I detest this blatant cronyism… and I am fed up with partisans who turn their heads when these misappropriations of power are happening within their parties. I am not saying that ideology is a negative… I am saying that ignoring ones own ideals to suit their party… just to see their party in power should not be our goal. I understand that we are on different ends of the spectrum concerning government… but why can’t more die-hard democrats hold Obama accountable for not living up to his campaign promises?… Obamacare’s extorting of the American people while waiving the mandate for certain large party donors… increased wiretapping… the invasion of Libya… no withdrawal in Iraq or Afghanistan… assassination writ on American citizens… why do these and other executive decisions go unchallenged by democrats? Dennis Kucinich is the only one I see who… for the most part… obamacare withstanding… seems to stand his ground when his compatriots do the dirty work for the crony corporatists. I hope silence doesn’t denote consent… but that’s the way it looks to me. I would still have issues with the democratic party’s ideology as a whole… but either you hold your leaders to your standards… or you are lemmings.

Answer #38

lol @ subthreads

Answer #39

Are you serious? Donald trump is running for president!?!!! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of!

Answer #40

i live in the good old USA and being put through what Obama will not be re-elected because he is a terrible leader i dont think he shoudve been elected in the first place he IS NOT a legal USA citizen he was born in Kenya, Africa that is why the the government cant find any off his birth records or school files

Answer #41

Who ever told you this lied. It is not true in the least. He was born in Hawaii. If he wasn’t born in the US he never would have been able to run for president. The government is not trying to find his birth records or school files. It is already been proven and accepted that he is a citizen. It is only a small group of racists who are trying to discredit the president with this nonsense. Hopefully when you get older you will do more research before you believe what people tell you…

Answer #42

does it really matter? all politicians are the same. they make promises and then cant back them up.

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