why do people say that if obama is the anti-christ?

Answer #1

because they’re not smart enough to come up with an insult that is relevent to anything he’s done

Answer #2

Many people were saying that, in attempt to scare other people into voting republican. Which is silly of course…

Answer #3

There are similar signs but I don’t believe he is, however I do believe he is alive today and will come to world power - study the book of Revelation for the big picture.

Answer #4

I have heard that too. I think the Rep are afraid he is going to do very well. So many people like him that its to good to be true. My two cents only.

Answer #5

Sonic,you obviously have a lot of hate towards Obama,his name is BARACK OBAMA,get it right. He’s not an anti-christ at all,and even if he was,that’s his business not yours. Would you like it if someone called you one,I doubt it. He’s a good President,he may have enemies,but that won’t fore him out of office,he went through a lot of trouble to where he’s at,you don’t have to respect him,you don’t have to love him,you don’t need to honor him but you should accept him for HIM.

Answer #6

Captain…what parts of the bible AREN’T symbolic? And if this is the case…in any case…then it is fiction. Those who speak of symbology in the bible ruin its truth in full. I am one of those people. I’m proud to say that I think the symbology in revelation and all the other books makes for a poor, unbelievable story. There are more morals to learn in every day life than there are in the New Testament.

So revelation (which is sick and absurd) is the fictional writing of a man in prison (John…somebody, not really sure if it is the same John). It is 100% opposite of the ‘more friendly’ books of the New Testament and doesn’t even fit in.

And by the way, atheists aren’t anti-Christs…they are unbelievers just like you are unbelievers of Zeus, Venus, Santa, etc.

Religious peple are SO scared of people who are unlike them, that they have to label them as ‘anti-Christ’ or what have you. How judgmental, how disrespectufl is that?

Obama is different from Bush. Bush attracts religious extremists…and those are the ones calling Obama names.

Sad people!

Answer #7

Sonic you a just palin retarded.yea sure his name is Barrack hussain Obama.and he has relations with iraq and the rest of the middle east.But CONGRESS has to pass what he says.He really isn’t in control the people are.No one is going to say go ahead raise our taxes so you can afford you weapons.And I don’t like him.He is NOT(keyword) the ANTI-CHRIST.Where in heck did you get that IDEA.

Answer #8

I tota;;y believe that Obama is the anti-christ. For starters lets look at his last name notice that if you say his last name it sounds like obamanation which means he most likely is.

The abamination of desolation is at hand. That means the end of the world. He does have a neutral skin color and looks pretty much jewish and I can see how being black and white helped him win the president position. He really doesn’t look black to me. He is the perfect fit for the anti-christ though because he won the election without anyone catching on to his name. He went around the world in 90 days and has Iran all pissed off because of his approach to them and many others. He hasn’t done anything positive while being in office. Just more taxes and I believe he will be the one who can easily get other country’s on his side especially when he can balance the economy. If he can get this country out of debt imagine what the other country’s will say about his achievement. The other country’s will want obama to help them with their economy. Thats when he will anniciate the one world currency talk. Around that time the Lord Jesus will say Come Up Hither and I will vanish, to heaven I will go and I can’t wait for that to happen. This year will be a slow start for Obama but once he has control of the economy watch him rise up in more ways then you ever thought possible. I can’t wait to go to heaven. So I pray to Jesus to come back as soon as possible. The Lord is very patient and does not worry about time like we do. The Lord broke down this nation with the help of His spiritual warfare tactics that never lose. He owns and directs His spirits and angels around so he can break down any country’s strongholds and He did it in 7 years. See He doesn’t like people to gain faith by works from God, so He uses any and all spirits including all angels both good and bad to break down our strongholds in the U.S.of Americas kingdom. God The Father is the Master at this art and can do this all over the world at the same time.

These other country’s are catching on to how slick Obama thinks he is and Russia isn’t going to back us or China because of the way Obama is doing things. He is very smart but Satan who is in him is smarter. Right now they both are one and you can see how he goes to these country’s. He is building up his power and at the same time trying to figure out which country’s are against us. He already knows which country’s are but he wants to see if there are any that have changed their minds about the U.S.A. since he has become president. I believe he has gained more enemy’s by going into other country’s one after another to talk about himself as the new president and his motives for showing up in their country. Which I bet were mostly lies to try to get these country’s to sway their thoughts about the U.S.A. to have positive feelings about us. Except Iran caught on to his b.s. and many others have also, they just aren’t saying anything about what they really think. So if Iran is against us so are all muslim countries. One thing Iran is rich in is oil so I am sure they are doing some trading, oil for weapons and have been for many years just more now than ever because they don’t want to be like Iraq. Iran will fire nuclear weapons on us especially on Isreal whom they hate more than us. They know one thing about the U.S,A. we defend Isreal. They can’t understand why we stick our noses into another country’s business. Especially when the muslim country’s are starting wars against different country’s to gain power. I believe that Iran is afraid of us but once they have possesion of a nuclear weapon (if they don’t already have one) will not be afraid of any country raising up against them they will just nuke them. I believe Iran or any country at that rate should be allowed to own any weapon that any other country has in case they are attacked. This world is truly coming to an end so get ready. Right before the end of Obamas second term. Yes, he will win again. When his second term is almost up I pray that I hear those words from Jesus Come Up Hither. Then wham I am gone and they will keep all the presidents past their terms or add new laws to extend their terms. Anyway a lot of people will be missing that have gone to heaven so the presidents will say we can’t have an honest vote if people are missing and this will happen around the time the one world currency comes into play. I believe the currency will be American and the government will enact all kinds of laws. Since Obama is the one who will claim he shot down all the nuclear bombs and got rid of all silent but deadly weapons such as directional energy weapons that the governments use on people during their bureau of narcotic enforcement covert operations. When the people are freed fom this type of torture from the directional energy weapons, they are going to think Obama is Jesus some kind of savior. I say because God is the one who is going to put a stop these weapons God should be given the glory. The sad part about this is that all people have heard about Jesus but will take the mark of the beast because of the fear of dying. Heaven is much funner place and I can’t wait to get there. I hope I see some of you there.


Answer #9

honostly I have no idea, I think its really stupid, to be honost. first of all the anti christ will be coming out of assyria or syria (whichever you perfer) im NOT sayin he is, so pls dont take this the wrong way, one can be a form of the anti christ (ex. atheist, people who are against Christ, those can be considered antichrist) but he isn THE anti christ.

Answer #10

Some people believe he is but I honestly don’t think he is smart enough to be…I think the Anti-christ will be more smarter and powerful then that and a lot will look at him as a god.

Answer #11

I’ve been on this planet for 40+ years. I first became awate of politics when Reagan was elected. Since then, every single President or major Presidential contender has been suggested as the anti-christ.

Even though there is no mention of the New World anywhere in the Bible, people from the US are so self centered and paranoid, that they are sure “the anti-christ” will come from here, right now,…never mind that the anti-christ the Bible speaks of came ~2000 years ago in Judea.

Simon bar Kokhba was the anti-christ of Revelation, and ‘the Beast’ is Rome, represented by Nero, who’s name adds up to 666. Revelation is trivially easy to understand from a historical perspective, as long as you don’t try to pretend it’s a prophecy.

Answer #12

Wait a minute Toadaly, what verse does it say Simon bar Kokhba was the anti-christ of Revelation? Please I would like to know.

Answer #13

Revelation is NOT to be taken literally…

During his exile, John (the apostle, the elder, etc.) wrote Revelation as a message of hope for Christians of the time period. His message is HEAVY with symbolism. Symbolism is used for countries, individuals, political leaders, etc.

But it is SO heavily coded and abstract, that many theists today like to interpret it as prophecy for MODERN or FUTURE times, when it was really just intended for people of JOHN’S time.

This can be seen if Revelation is read objectively… but its VERY hard for believers to read scripture in such a manner.

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