Obama taking away summer vacation!

I dont get why people are going to vote for obama if hes going to take kids SUMMER VACATION awaY!!! that relel makes me mad! I mean come on, its summer vaca!!! the best thing ever. I mean yeah well still only go to school for 184 days and just have longer winter and april vacations…but why not just give us SUMMER off??? does this piss off anybody else off? im seriously freaknig moving to liek Australia if we lose summer vaca here in the U.S.A.

Answer #1

First of all, you’re not moving to Australia. You’re just every other person who swears they will leave the country if their person does not get elected. As of January 2008, you will still be here, regardless of what happens to your damn vacation.

Second, if I were a student like you, I’d be less worried about your precious vacation time and more worried about how you or your peers are going to compete in the global economy with a public education system that is falling far behind. Getting a job in many fields will be harder for you than it was for previous generations. You’re not competing against your neighbors, you’re competing against growing, competent work forces in Hyderabad and Shanghai.

Answer #2

I think a shorter summer vacation is a good idea, especially if the kids are given a little more time off during the rest of the year. Teachers often spend the first month of the school year reviewing what was taught the year before. Some kids do have the privilege of going to summer camps and participating in sports, but many do not due to financial restraints. The country cannot forgot about children who are economically disadvantaged, it will only hurt us more in the long run. I agree that some kids are overbooked as it is and it is hard to find time a day to get homework done, as well as allow participation in extracurricular activities, not to mention time to perform chores, but kids in this country do still manage to find an average of 28 hours per week to watch TV. There must be some way to find a better balance for our kids.

Answer #3

You are correct, I should have said that amblessed was KNOWINGLY spreading half-truths. Because this had been addressed on a previous question and his statement was corrected then. He returned to another question and made the same half-truth statement. So thanks, KNOWINGLY it is.

Answer #4

First of all: Utopia, no matter how much you dislike an answer you have no right, at all, to call someone a bad Christian. Even more so if you do not even know the person.

Second: Taking away the summer vacation is a way to keep grades, gpa’s, and test scores up. it is proven that the longer you dont do it, the harder it is to do it again. Think about all the stuff you forget from one year to the next while in school. Do you remember scientific notation? I sure dont. You know why? Because I have been out of school since 2006 and I havent used scientific noation since then. What about all those vocabulary words you were made to memorize, do you remember all of those? I think I made my point. Basically I dont care whether Obama or McCain is for this, because it is a good idea. Sorry, but if it happens you’ll just have to deal with it. You’ll appreciate it more in the long run.

Answer #5

Amblessed - you are spreading a half-truth. On a previous question you stated the same argument against Obama. You just ALWAYS fail to mention that he voted against it in 2003 because it would have have gone against federal law. HE VOTED FOR IT IN 2005 because they wording was changed to go with federal law.

Bad, bad Christian for spreading half-truths.

Answer #6

I think the distinction must be made, that “knowingly spreading half truths” might not be particularily Christian like…being uninformed and doing the same thing, happens A LOT on this part of FA…

Intent is the key word.


Answer #7

Hey, if someone is going to put their religion OUT THERE and answer almost every question with a religious answer or an answer that is a half-truth or an out and out fabrication…then they will be called on it. If you are going to talk the talk, then you better walk the walk. All of his religious proclamations and talk about his beliefs seem to be bull, especially when he just continues to spew half-truths.

And as for me not knowing the person, I have read enough of his questions AND answers to have quite an insight about what makes him tick and how his mind works. Just as he does about me.

Answer #8

hes going to take away summer vacation??

where did you hear that???

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Answer #10

Who voted for this man?? American children are more involved in sports and music, our kids are well rounded. You take away summer when many kids are in camps, participating in national sporting tournaments and you are going to see more families moving to home schooling their kdis. Adding to their school day? When are they going to get their homework done? Are they to give up sports, music and any other interest they may have outside of school. Who is going to pay for this? Our teachers will make more money, where is that coming from?

Answer #11

Sorry, I meant Jan 2009.

Answer #12

LOL! Where did you hear that he was going 2 take away vacation?

Answer #13


Answer #14

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

Mikeh,   “But to your original post – if you plan on voting for or against a candidate based on their views on the highly controversial topic of summer vacation, please, don’t let any of us stop you on your emigration to Australia. You really don’t need those kinds of decision-making skills in the voting pool.”

I think that response is disingenuous. It IS those types of decisions that influence voters choices. Whether it is a stand on the war, housing, employment, schooling, abortion or the economy, it is those things that help voters choose which candidate to vote for.


You’re only 13 so you probably haven’t considered all the ramifications from other than a 13 year-old’s point of view.

First, although I happen to be against Obama, I am for year-round schooling. However, Obama wouldn’t have much say about it anyway. Schooling, in general, is a part of state’s rights and control. Although the Feds might try to influence various schooling actions by the threat of withholding school funding, I don’t think they would try to force year-round schooling.

Right now, 9 months of school with 3 months of summer means that, generally, we are wasting approximately 25 percent of the costs and maintenance of schools. By utilizing the schools 12 months out of the year we would be getting 3 months free use with only a little increase in educator costs, if any.

Another benefit is that there would be fewer connected days in which students would have an ability to get into trouble. Not saying that all kids get into trouble, but many do when they are turned lose for long periods of time without structured supervision.

By changing from a 90 day vacation once a year to four 24 day vacations each year, maybe one at the end of each school quarter, there might be a tendency for kids to improve their study habits and grades between each vacation. They wouldn’t be stuck in school for such long stretches at a time.

Remember, though, it isn’t Obama’s decision. The decision rests with each state so parents for it can chose to live in those states that support it and those that don’t support it can chose to live in other states.

Answer #15

He believes that we need to be global, meaning that you need to compete for work against children in Korea, where they don’t buy as many cars, a child your age would never be able to afford a PSP and where human rights and recreation don’t mean as much to people.

The solution is isolationism. We’re the world’s larges exporter, yes, but we’re also the world’s largest importer. We spend more money than we make. We have a higher standard of living and higher wages than anyone else. That’s not because we’re greedy, its because our way of life is more expensive and in order to keep living the way we do, we need to buy American products.

Let’s start with cars:


Obama believes that we don’t have jobs because we’re not educated. The real reason that we’re losing jobs is that everyone else will work for cheaper. People in China who eat nothing but rice and live in dorms in the factories that they work at will work for extremely cheap. You really don’t need to pay them anything significant, seeing as they’re getting free room and board from the company. They’re lucky if they have a television in their rooms and they’re even luckier if they don’t work more than 10 hours a day.

This is what will become of our country if we don’t support it and if we don’t allow it to thrive the way its been thriving since we recovered from the Great Depression. Speaking of the Depression, our unemployment is higher than its been since then.

Answer #16

Most progressive countries do not have a three month school break during the summer. Many U.S. cities are already moving towards a year round schedule. Don’t blame it on Obama. This has been coming for quite a bit.

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