Who knows the new name for the nvq course?

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It hasn't changed... to my knowledge...?

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well in england NVQ does not exist anymore , well its been changed its called something else

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Really....every site I encounter still lists them as NVQ, even in England:

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ive got a few and ive never herd of them changing the name :S

that site colleen posted is saying that new qualifications are being introduced but nvqs are staying as their very well respected by employers.

this page explains more about the new ones: http://funadvice.com/r/14mj78pe1no

looks like its called a qcf.

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thanks for your help but i go college and i was talking with my tutor yesterday and i told her i want to move on to nvq and she told me that its not going to be nvq anymore or something like that i cant quite remember now

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