Nude beaches in Europe?

I went to stay wiht my older cousin in europe this summer and there were tons of nude beaches and we went to them almost everyday All teh boys were checking me out and they were flirting with me Some even asked me out It was teh best tiem of my life Was it a bad decsision to do that or was it fine! I am going bakc in the winter adn agian in spring and then next summer I might move there too I really love nude beaches but are they wrong???!!!???

Answer #1

It’s not wrong - but the fact that you are 13 worries me. I see nothing wrong with nude beaches but you are a minor and should at least wait until you are an adult.

Answer #2

It’s a bit of a culture shock for some Americans to see nude beaches in Europe. But Europeans see nothing wrong with it.

It’s not so much your age that’s the issue, it’s your maturity. European parents bring their little kids to nude beaches, and the kids don’t think anything of it because they’re used to it and they don’t care. But for a 13-year-old American girl to be all giggly and flirtatious at a nude beach is, in my view, immature.

You should wait before visiting a nude beach again. I’m sure the attention from the boys felt good, but it’s embarrassing to see Americans make a scene at a nude beach. Grow up, then go.

Answer #3

there is nothing wrong with nude beaches look at it this way if they were wrong no 1 wud be there but there usally pretty packed which means theres nothing wrong lol

Answer #4

Not wrong lol there awesome I went to one here in australia and loved it lol

Answer #5


I live in Germany. People here are used to sunbathing naked IN CITY PARKS. We really don’t think that sunbathing naked is a sin or anything. To us, it’s just a normal thing that people do tho get allover tan in summertime. And we do not consider nudism an adult thing either. Like most Europeans, I fail to understand why many american people get so weird about seeing naked folks.

bye the sheep

Answer #6

nothing wrong,hey at least you don’t have sex on them.

Answer #7

Great one in south Spain. It’s really secluded and it’s called calblanque. It’s near the mar menor and la manga. Also there’s loads of secluded stretches of beaches to sunbathe privatley and cave to sneak into with a friend and release lots of private fun :)

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