How bad does getting a nosering hurt?

I want to get a nosering ( not a hoop, just a little stud) and I know that it’ll obviously hurt, but how bad? I mean, not enough to cry right? I also wanted to know what you guys think of nose studs and how people with them are perceived. Thanks

Answer #1

I agree with x scence x. just get over it. and go get it done. I mean my god. both of my best friends have theirs done. so just do it.

Answer #2

Ugh shut up, It doesn’t hurt that bad. I did mine myself up in my best friend’s bedroom while her parents where home. I cried A LITTLE.
She got her’s done proffesionally and screamed swears and stuff that I can’t say on here which really sucks. Just shut up and get it the F**k done.

Answer #3

I will not lie to you. It depends on your pain tolerance. I had mine done last night. It hurt a little, but not bad at all. I Love mine!!!

Answer #4

Well Im 13 and I have mine done. It hurts less than your ears it stings a little and thats it. It only hurts if you move around the piercing before its healed lol Nose piercings look good and when you get it get it done with the needle NOT the gun.

Answer #5

hey, yea I had my nose pierced for the last 6 months and when I had my nose done it didnt hurt one bit it feels like an ear piercing. the side I got the nose ring on my eyes was watering…but no not enough to bring tears down your face…be carful I had took mine out before and lost it and went to get it redone and now that hurts like a b*tch the second time because of the scare tissue

Answer #6

With this piercing gun from Blohmdahl it hurt less than ut used to with the ones they used back in the eighties.. -Still it hurt for me, but was definitely worth it!

Answer #7

Honestly, it does hurt a bit but it is nothing unbearable. It will most likely make your eyes water (not by choice). The part that hurts the most is when the piercer puts the stud/ring in (assuming it is done by a needle and not a gun…never get it done with a gun!!) Mine only hurt for about an hour afterwards and thats it.

It is definitely worth it though in my opinion!

Answer #8

Well no matter what you’ll probably tear up since anytime you get a blow to your nose your tear up but guess what I’ve pierced my nose 4 times and will soon pierce it five it doesnt hurt at all and when I had it everyone liked it so if you want it go for it and dont chicken out

Answer #9

You Should Deffinatly go For it!!! I got mine Done when I was 12 with a needle it barely hurt. There was a pinch but Not to much else… But dont get a gun! god dont get a Gun Clean it regualraly dont play with it with your Dirty fingers. And Make sure you never have anything Hanging out the bottom of your Nose :P but Seriuosly It doesn hurt barely I’ve have my belly bottun my nose and A tattoo and This weekend im going to get My eye brow Pierced! dont worry Its Cake!

Answer #10

most painful piercing I have ever gotten!!! I cried… I have 27 piercing and it hurts… but its over quick… get it its worth it!

Answer #11

I’m posting again because I did get my nose done, with a good old fashioned needle, and the pain was minimal. I am very happy with my newly pierced nose, which is healing nicely.

Answer #12

ok so im getting my nose peirced today , and im terrified. im not that good w. pain, some people say it hurts some people say they cant even feel it, i am going to get it done with a needle , and i wanna know how bad ( on a scale of one to ten ) this pain is going to be . thanks, haha.

Answer #13

i had my nose pierced when i was 12 and i have had no problems with it. it doesn’t hurt that much and i think ear piercing hurts more. xoxo

Answer #14

Nose piercing is one of the least painful, if you get it done with a piercing gun. usually it will cost between 5-10$ but if you get it done witha needle, it will take longer to heal(increasing your chance of infection), hurt more, and cost between 40-50$


Answer #15

to tiffany88:

i think you’re mistaken. It is actually the gun that leads to more infections, not the needle. The piercing gun is plastic, so it cant be properly steralized like a needle can. Also, the gun causes more tissue trauma to the nose since it forces a blunt stud through the cartilage, which can cause more scarring and a longer healing time. Sure, the needle might hurt more but isnt it worth it to have a healthy piercing?

Answer #16

When i see someone with a nose ring I can’t stop picturing them with snot hanging off of it or imagining how bad it must hurt when they sneeze and have allergies. Most employers have a no facial piercing rule. I knew a girl in the military who had previously had a nose piercing and it didn’t grow shut even though there wasn’t a stud in it for over a year.

I think all facial piercings are a definite no no. (and E!’s fashion don’ts says it’s a fashion don’t too… )

Answer #17

Quit whining and do it

Answer #18

I guess I disagree with most people on this question. I think that getting the nose pierced hurts quite bad and a lot more than having your ears done. I had my nose pierced three times with a piercing gun. The first time was in 1987 when I was 15 years old and the other two times I got my nose pierced because I had allowed the hole to grow back together. However, the first time I got it done, I jumped in the chair and yelped loudly, making people turn their heads to see what went on. After the stud went in it stung and burned in my nostril in a way that was not nearly as superficial as when having the ears done. Needless to say, my eyes watered and I was really close to crying both because of the pain and because of the embarrassment of the moment. However it was worth it from the moment I looked in the mirror and saw the stud in my nostril. I think that a diamond stud in the nostril is one of the sexiest things you can wear. I have kept my current pierced hole in my nose for many years now, but in case I had to have it redone, I would not hesitate. It hurt when I had it done, but it is SO much worth it! I hope that you will disagree with me and say that the ears hurt more, once you have had your nose pierced… Good luck with it!!

Answer #19

it doesnt hurt at all. the only part that hurts a lil bit is the inside piece of skin. but no it doesnt make you cry. I’ve done mine twice by myself. and I think theyre cute as long as its small. I dont like huge hoops.

Answer #20

My humble opinion, it’s not attractive…I don’t think it enhances anyones looks…but I would want to know: are there any medical risks to consider and if I later don’t like it, will the hole heal-over (undetectable) or is it permanant…don’t know the answer to those

Good Luck and God Bless !!

Answer #21

I don’t have my nose pierced, I actually came across this page because I plan on doing it within the next day or two and wanted to get informed on the idea. In my scant hour of researching, I found that you should never get a body piercing with a piercing gun, for various reasons explained before me. Anyway, I want my nose pierced, and am surfing around for comparisons of pain to tongue piercings. I got my tongue pierced about three years ago, and remember the pain very well, and want to know if nose is better or worse in comparison.

Answer #22

They use a gun like they use for your ear and it doesn’t hurt at all. It stings a little for a while but it’s just going through flesh with no carlidge involved. Trust me. I got my nose pierced a couple of months ago.

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