Nose piercing migrating?

Ok my friend told me that my nose piercing will migate and move farther down my nostril...will it actually or is she telling me something totally false?

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it depends.
did you have your nose pierced before?
it also depends how the piercer pierced it... if they did it correctly or not.

and it also depends on your you took care of it during the healing process... it all depends. a picture would help me our 100% and id be able to give you a sure answer then... but you dont have enough info on here for anyone to judge.

migration is a possibility with any piercing... and its not too uncommon. but for it to move a drastic ammount down your nostril is rare...unless the piercer really did a hack-job on your face... or you had that side of your nose pierced before...or if you tore it or something...

as a general statement...
it might migrate like a millimeter or so...but it wont be terribly noticible.
send me a pic and ill tell you exactly what your in for.
I have 21 piercings... so, I can deff help you out lol

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Yea you should be abs fine... dont worry about it, whoever told you otherwise really doesnt know what they're talking about.

just ignoore them... see, if it was swollen, red, and scabby, then we'd have something to worry about... but its not.

if you keep up with your clean routene until its healed, im willing to promise that you'll be fine. :)

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It is somewhat false. Every person is differant. I have had mine for 8 years and it has never moved. I have also never had a person come in with a problem with the piercing migrating. (I am a professional tattoo artist and piercer.) Some people can have bad luck with certain piercings though. Just keep an eye on it and clean it as instructed and you should be fine.

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I've never heard of that happening.

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here is a picture incase it will help

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