How do you pierce your own nose?

How did you pierce your nose by yourself b/c I wanted to do it by myself well have a friend do it for me and I want to know how. Thanx.

Answer #1

Go get it done professionally. The nose is the most dirtiest place and any infection in the nose caused by a piercing done incorrectly can travel up to the brain and cause a stroke… don’t risk doing it yourself, no matter what others may say.

Answer #2

i pierced my own nose and it was fine u just make sure u do ur research first

good luck

Answer #3

how old are your suppose to be to get it done without parental supervision in the uk?

Answer #4

[edit] StepsRead this article in it’s entirety before beginning. Examine your nose. Do you have any blackheads? Zits? Pimples? If so, wait a few days, or weeks, and wash your face regularly. These may lead to infection if you pierce right over, or very near, to a blemish. Grab an earring with a very small stud. It has to be really small to start with, but if you don’t have one, get a nose ring, and just use the smallest stud you have, and maybe after three or four days, you can change it to the nose ring. Get your nail file and start sharpening that earring! This will be extremely painful if the earring is not extremely sharp. Mark your nose where you want the stud to go. Look in the mirror. Does it look right? Or is it too low, or too high? Move the mark until you are content with it. Clean your face one more time. Clean the earring VERY carefully. Leaving it in solution for a few hours, or longer, normally will do the trick, and wash it. Take a deep breath, put the tip of the earring on the mark, at a slanted angle, of course, and push. This will hurt, a lot, but just bite down on something. Congratulations! Wash it two times a day, and leave this particular stud in for about six weeks before changing it out with something else.

[edit] TipsIt’s highly recommended that you mark it, then look at it in the mirror to see if you really like it or not. If you think you may have an infection at ANY point, remove the stud immediately, wash your face, and watch it. If it continues to worsen, go to a doctor. Your nose will be red and sore for a while after, that’s normal.

[edit] WarningsPlease be very careful! Don’t pierce ANYTHING with a safety pin or sewing needle.. Those are way too sharp to pierce the skin with, and they make the piercing more prone to infection.

[edit] Things You’ll Needvery small stud earring that may closely resemble a nose stud strong nail file sea salt/ear care (NO hydrogen or alcohol)

Answer #5

you take a staril needle and you sanatize it in alchol for like 24 hours and then u (well this is what I did) numb your nose with ice and poke it right through. well I have a tollerence for pain. or anotherway you can do it is you get in the shower, let your face run under hot water then while your in the shower stick then sanatized needle right through.( the hot water softens your skin.

Answer #6

im 13/female im doin mine as I type this…I’ve got it about halfway thru and so far its not hurtin so bad I hope it wont hurt worse as I continue to poke it thru…wish me luck :D (and btw yes I am completely aware that this is an incredibly stupid idea.and to all you people who dont approve, I honestly dont give a fu*k so byez)

Answer #7

I just recently did my nose and it turned out perfectly. No infection because I sterilized everything and when I take it out you cant even tell its pierced. I have hid it from my parents for two years now. Doing it hurt a little but not bad enough to where I cried. and usually im the biggest baby with that stuff. Try it!

Answer #8

I pierced my nose the other day and it closed up. so im trying to repierce it.. and I put oragel in it.! is that okay..? and now I have a headace/

Answer #9

Buy a piercing kit on ebay. I just purchased one yesterday. Don’t use safety pins, thumbtacks, ext. The kit is only 5$ and it comes with a sterile packaged 18 gauge piercing needle, a cork, and a stainless steel nose screw ring.

Answer #10

I just qot mine percied but no some times your body reject them and that why yu couldnt qet it trhouqh all they way I had trouble wid mine so I qot a smaller ring and put it in and its fime but if any body can tell me how to hide a nose perc ing please qet bahk to me

Answer #11

well I actluy just pierced my own nose yester day and im 13 so I think you can handle it well I have a very high pain tolerince well waht I did was got a sowing needle adnd a regular earing adn cut it to make it shorter then put them in poreoxide adn cleanded them really good then I got ice adn numed it adn took the ice of took the needle poked it threw then took it out and put in the ering GOOD LUCK

Answer #12

I recently pierced my nose on my own & it was really first I was scared but all I did was find some little diamond rings,sterlized them with fire and then dipped it in hydrogen peroxide & did the same thing with a needle & after I poked a hole in my nose I just put the ring in there and…my nose was pierced…im 13 years old too so..if I can do it,so can u!

Answer #13

I just recently pierced my ears…by myself.It didnt hurt.& you WILL NOT get and infection if you sterlize EVERYTHING! I did it myself & I didnt get it crooked,it came out perfect!

Answer #14

if you must do it yourself I advise going to a beauty supply shop and purchasing a piercing gun and small studs. this way you know it is already sterile and don’t have to worry about infection from that. make sure the stud is in an unopened package before purchasing! clean the area with the cleaning strips provided and use the marker that is also provided with the kit. then put the gun over your mark, squeeze the trigger and you are done! if you are not comfortable doing this yourself (and it’s fairly simple and very quick) go to your local piercer.

Answer #15

idkk, I pierced my already, and im fixing to pierce it again, I did it with a safety pin, and it turned out perfect, so gud luck!!

Answer #16

eek! i wouldn’t mess with piercing your nose, there are tons of nerves in there and you can lose your sense of smell, damage nerves and tissue, or worse you can hit your cartilage and get a sick infection. I’d stick with going to a professional!

Answer #17

im 12 and I want it done/? is it ok?

Answer #18

Lol; My mate tried piercing my other mates nose at my sleepoverr She cooled her nose with an ice pack out my freezer,, then she steralised a needle with a lighter, but she only got it through a little bit ‘cause my other mate was in a lot of pain

Do it in a shop professionally and the pain will be over in seconds, and they are expierienced and know what they are doing. xxx

Answer #19

i’ve pierced my nose countless times. the first couple were just with a safety pin, but i wouldn’t recomend it. recently my friend did it with a thumb tack, and immidiatley put in the actual nose ring. just make sure everything is sterile and you keep it really clean.

Answer #20

I didnt perice my nose all the way so like its just sitting in there..because it hurt to much and now I cant get it all the way through..Will it cause an infection?? Is this a bad thing???

Answer #21

my aunt is going to do mine so I asked how she does it and she said that she put baby orajel on the inside and outside of your nose(where the piercing will go) wait a couple mins so your nose can get num then just before you clean the jewelry that your gonna use to pierce your nose put more orajel on the inside of your nose. then she takes the steralized jewlery holds it to my nose I close my eyes and take a deep breath. when I exhale (breathe out) she pokes it thru. there you go! I hope I helped!!!

Answer #22

I did that. I am 20 and I let my 16 yr old cousin do it for me. She used a safety pin. Dumbest mistake I EVER made.. I urge you to save up the $50 and go get it done by a licensed piercer. They are very clean if you go to a reputable one. It is not safe to do it yourself. I have an ugly scar from it because I took it out, and since it wasn’t done right. It healed wrong. So please just go get it done. If you get an infection from not being sterile enough. It will cost you more than $50 to get it cleared up.

Answer #23

I did my nose but im going to redo it to night but if I was you I wouldnt do it it hurts a lot and I’ve done my nose 100 times with an earring so get a pro if you want to di it your self and be stupid like me then go ahead have fun with it

Answer #24

what I did was took an earing (small) and sharpened the tip of it with a nail file. then I sterlized the earing. I took a marker and put a dot on my nose where I wanted it. I let the earing soak 4 about 4 hours. then I stuck it thru slowly. it didnt hurt which is weird because I heard it hurts. but it didnt. didnt have any problems. but I did have to take it out because my mom flipped. good luck!! =]

Answer #25

take a safety pin hold it under a lighter for like 3 seconds wash it in hydrogen proxiode then stick it in your nose where you want it I’ve done it a lot it doesnt hurt.

Answer #26

You cannot say with certainty that someone will not get an infection from a piercing. Just because everything is sterilized does NOT mean an infection cannot develop. Even people who get pierced in professional establishments get infections. 1) the piercing needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. 2) if the person has an unknown illness, they can get an infection. 3) the materials used to pierce may be sterilized however, look at the environment around you. My guess is you are either in the bathroom or your bedroom. Bathrooms have TONS of bacteria no matter how often you clean it. So unless you completely sterilize your bathroom or bedroom, which unless you rip out the carpet and apply tile that can be cleaned with a medical grade cleaner, remove anything that can absorb bacteria (clothing, bedding…etc) you cannot do so. A bathroom will never be considered a “sterile” environment.

Answer #27

Fire will work, IF you heat the metal enough. The metal needs to turn red (glowing). If it does not, it is not properly sterilized. Peroxide will sterilize but not enough for piercing. Which is why you dont see tons of peroxide in tattoo parlors, they use an autoclave, which is pressurized and will sterilize everything needed. Most people can’t buy one because they are very expensive. I’m not saying someone cannot pierce their own nose,ear,belly button, etc. However you need to take proper precautions when doing so. If you MUST do it yourself, your best bet is to get some latex gloves, paper towel, alcohol, vaseline, a permanent marker, ice, and a nose stud (if you are already doing it yourself, spend the $ and get an actual nose stud). As for the needles. If you or someone you know is 18+ (not sure about other countries standards for this) most tattoo supplies will sell you things you need. You can go there and get an actual piercing needle (which is hollow, which is way better for what you want). Or if you cant find one that will sell to you, ebay sells them. Just make sure it will come to you pre sterilized and sealed. IF you really have no other option, I would suggest using a medium sized safety pin, sewing needles usually are not sharp enough to not cause much more pain than necessary. When setting up, make sure you are in the cleanest place possible, remove anything close by that can harbor bacteria. Use a flat surface and place a piece of paper towel on it and place everything you will be using on top of the paper towel, with the exception of the ice (which should be in a clean, preferably metal bowl or cup, since that can be sterilized.) Then take some of the vaseline out of it’s container and put it on the paper towel. (you wont need a ton, just a little nickel sized glob.) Mark the area you want to pierce with the marker and check in the mirror to make sure it is where you want it. Once that is done, put on your gloves. take the ice and hold it on the area long enough for it to stay cold without the ice on it. To the point where it is numb. Next, put a small amount of vaseline on the area to be pierced.The vaseline makes the needle go through easier. next take another piece of ice and put it on the other side of the area you are piercing (the area the needle will poke through to) and hold it there with your other hand, then take the needle and push it through as quick and hard as possible. Once thats done, grab the nose stud and put it in as you take the needle out. Enjoy!

Answer #28

oh no im not going to do it myself :L im going to get it done by a proffesional piercer (: i wouldn’t do it myself. i’d chicken out . :’D

Answer #29

ahha don’t worry im going to get it done professionally. (: <3

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