Is it normal to get morning allergies?

Just in the morning, sneezing and runny nose and what would cause it?

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Well it happens to me so I sure hope it's normal. Apparently it's going to be a horrid summer for pollen, so maybe you're sleeping with your window open and pollens getting in or something? Just a theory xD

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Sometimes I do. But only for winter (tropical island, no cold, just breeze and a nice temperature) soo I can't really say if its that.

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Yea I'm always sneezing in the morning, And it's prob cause I have my fan on blowing the air from outside in.

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Same here. My allergies kill me in the morning. =P

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indoor allergy

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Yes, it's normal. I get allergies every morning. It's something to do with the levels of pollen in the air, I believe that it is higher in the mornings (I may be wrong). You could speak to your doctor to give you a light anti histamine to help with it if it is a real problem.

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Yes, in fact I get most of my allergies in the morning. I hate them...

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I get cold symptoms every morning, I sneeze and get a runny nose and sore throat and it's gone by lunch time. It has something to do with your sinuses. My dad, brother and I all get it, especially in winter and spring. :|

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